Kids are sponges. They soak up a lot of what is shown and said to them. Right now they are learning for the first time how the world works and how they should react to it. Your little ones are paying attention to you—let that shape what you say and do! As the old adage states, actions speak louder than words. Be sure that what you tell your child matches up to what you do.

Help your child to grow into a confident, respectful adult by using and following these life-changing sentences:

1. “Don’t fear mistakes, embrace them!”

When your child fails, assure them that mistakes are okay, so long as they keep moving forward. Help them to learn the good that comes out of failure. Ask them questions like “what did you learn?” and “what do you think you could do differently next time?” These questions highlight the worth of failure. And confessing your mistakes to your child will have a profound effect on them. They will learn that even their hero makes mistakes, and that’s ok!

2. “Chase your dreams!”

Do what you want to do, even if what you want doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Suppressing your dreams puts you at odds with yourself. Doing what someone else wants you to do will only leave you depressed and empty. Don’t live someone else’s life. Your passions and dreams have a purpose in this world—and so do you!

3. “Be grateful!”

And don’t just be grateful, practice gratitude. Be intentional about it. This means setting aside time each day with your child to talk about all the things for which the both of you are grateful. Complaining about what you don’t have creates a negative outlook. But being grateful for what you already have promotes a mindset of contentment and positivity, making it easier to enjoy life and complete new goals.

4. “Speak your mind!”

Your child has a voice. Teach them that it matters. Their ideas aren’t stupid and neither are they. It takes bravery to not always let others run the show, but with the proper instruction, they can learn how to efficiently share their thoughts with others. Tell your child that even if they are shy and scared, sharing their ideas could produce powerful results. If you can, use a specific example from your own life.

5. “Treat others with respect, even if you disagree with them.”

If we let them, kids live online. People can be ugly to each other, and especially on the internet, cruel comments spawn and spread like a disease. When kids see it all over the internet, it’s all too easy for them to learn to be disrespectful, online and in person. Stamp out the hatred by teaching your child that everyone, even those who disagree with you, deserve your respect. Rule of thumb: Don’t question whether or not someone is worthy of respect. Instead, always assume they are, and treat them accordingly.

6. “You are what you think.”

Teach your child their thoughts have power. One way to do this is to practice ending the day on a positive note. Too often, we end the day weary, frustrated, and full of worries. Change your mindset and help to change that of your child by listing the happy things that occurred that day—even something as little as recalling the joy of drinking a glass of chocolate milk can help to change your child’s mindset for the better.

7. “Don’t let people steal your joy.”

You can’t control what other people do, but you can control how you react. Don’t focus on other people’s bad behavior and rude comments, and don’t hold back who you are in fear of their judgment. If you forever care about what other people think of you, they will always hold you captive. Show your children how to break free and be unabashedly themselves! Here, they will find true joy.

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