There are many things that people settle for throughout life, but one thing that you should never have to settle for is love. No matter how you grew up or where you came from, you deserve to be loved and experience a deeply emotional, spiritual and physical relationship that fills you with joy on a daily basis. Don’t settle for a partner who treats you decently on occasion. Here are six important things that you deserve in a relationship:

1. Trust and Respectrelationship

A relationship is a two-way street, so whatever you want out of the relationship, you should also be willing to give. Mutual trust and respect are two extremely important concepts in a healthy relationship. There is no room for jealousy, accusations or disrespect in a relationship that’s growing and strengthening. Establishing trust is needed in order to ease worry or tension when you and your partner are apart, and being respectful of each other means listening, welcoming opinions and being kind. You deserve a relationship built on trust and respect. Without them, the relationship will never thrive.

2. Happinesslove 2


Before you are able to find happiness with someone else, you must first find happiness within yourself. Achieving self-love and self-worth can be tough, but by practicing your passions, surrounding yourself with positive people and treating yourself with love and respect, you’ll be able to find your inner joy. Once you’ve learned to be happy on your own, finding someone to share life with who understands you and loves you for who you are makes life that much sweeter. You deserve a partner who brings out the best in you, makes you laugh and brings positive energy into your life.

3. Adventures and Spontaneous Momentslove

You deserve a relationship that is filled with magical moments. Romance shouldn’t be considered a thing of the past. Find someone who appreciates you so much that they are willing to surprise you and plan adventures with you, all to make you happy and keep the relationship fun and exciting. Last-minute road trips, star gazing, breakfast in bed or a flowers for no reason can make you feel loved and appreciated, and that’s what you deserve.

4. Passion and Intimacyfireplace

Studies have shown that sexual desire is more than just a feeling we crave. It involves emotions, motivation and thought processing. You deserve a partner who wants you and appreciates you, and a relationship full of passion and intimacy that creates an even deeper bond and leads to a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

5. Unconditional Loveholding hands

The way you treat yourself sets a standard for the way others treat you. When you love and respect yourself, your partner will be able to add to that unconditional love. You deserve someone who sees the best in you, believes in you, supports you and truly loves you. Love has no limitations or boundaries. You deserve a partner who continues to surprise you by showing you on a regular basis how much you mean to him or her.

Be with those who truly care for you!


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