It’s not easy to find a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes, that spark fizzles out. Other times, the two of you end up wanting different things and moving in different directions. So how do you know when you’ve truly found a keeper? It’s all in the signs.

Here are six signs you’ve found a good woman:

1. You Have An Instant Connection

When you first met, did you get the feeling that something was drawing you to her? If you had an instant connection, you’ve found a good woman. Your initial connection may have been physical, emotional or intellectual at first. Whatever it was that drew you in, it was your gut and your intuition telling you that you’ve found a good one.

2. Your Love And Affection Continues To Grow

Whether you’ve been together for a week, a few months or a few years, you’ve found a good woman if your love and affection has only gotten stronger over time. In many relationships, that initial spark eventually fizzles out. If your feelings become stronger with each passing day, you’ve found a keeper.

3. You Laugh Together

If your relationship is filled with laughter, you’re on the right track. The right woman will be someone who makes you laugh and someone you can have fun with, no matter what you’re doing or how bad of a day you’ve had. If she can make you smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling, you’ve found a good woman.

4. You Respect Each Other

Respect is a vital part of any healthy relationship. When you’ve found the right woman, you’ll never have to question her loyalty or ask yourself whether or not she truly respects you. Having a strong and mutual sense of respect for each other makes a solid foundation.

5. Your Priorities Change

The right woman won’t pull you away from your family or long-time friends. But she will steal your heart and you’ll experience a shift in priorities. You’ll find yourself wanting to love her, respect her, make her happy and spend time with her.

6. You Want The Same Things

Many relationships fail because one person wants something the other one doesn’t. There might be a disagreement about kids, moving, working full time or staying home. If you’ve found a woman who wants all the same things that you want, you’ve found a keeper. Even better, she wants all the same things that you want, and she wants them with you.

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