There are a lot of different factors that can get in the way of your happiness, if you let them. Whether it’s your job, relationship or your own insecurities, constantly focusing on the negative things in your life will bring you down. Regardless of your situation, it’s up to you to make a conscious decision to focus on the positives and be happy. But besides those who dwell in negativity, there’s another group of people who tend to be less happy than others. Have you ever noticed that some of the most intelligent people you know also seem to be the most unhappy?

Here are a few possible reasons why intelligent people tend to be less happy.

1. Intelligent People Have High Standards

Having standards is a good thing. It can help you stay on a positive path to happiness and success. Setting standards that are too high however, can become a problem. Intelligent people tend to know what they want, and they refuse to settle for less. Their high standards apply to every area of their life. Jobs, relationships, certain goals. This can make it harder for them to be satisfied. They may constantly feel like their achievements aren’t enough, or that their job isn’t allowing them to get ahead. Their standards can also significantly affect their relationships.



2. Intelligent People Over-Analyze

Many intelligent people are over-thinkers who constantly analyze everything in their life. Trying to read between the lines or find a deeper meaning to every situation can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Those with high IQ’s try to read those around them and find a solution to every problem, even when there might not be one. When they can’t find an answer, they’re left extremely frustrated and upset.

3. Intelligent People Are Often Too Hard On Themselves

If an intelligent person experiences guilt or regret, they’ll most likely hold onto it for years. It will constantly be in the back of their brain, and they’ll experience flashbacks to their past mistakes. Their tendency to over-analyze makes them extremely hard on themselves. The guilt, regret and negative emotions that they hold onto can greatly affect their happiness.

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4. Intelligent People Often Feel Misunderstood

Those who are truly deep thinkers often have complex ideas that others may not be able to fully understand. Feeling misunderstood can make an intelligent person feel like they’re on their own. Finding someone to have deep and meaningful conversations with is extremely important to those with high IQ’s. Not being able to find someone who understands their ideas and shares their view of the world can cause an intelligent person to feel extremely lonely and unhappy.

5. Intelligent People Seek Bigger & Better Things

For highly intelligent people, reality is often not enough. They are constantly searching for something bigger and more important. A purpose, a meaning or a pattern. Something hidden that can make everything fall into place. They have a restless mind and a big imagination that doesn’t typically allow them to relax. Being unable to slow down and just enjoy the little things in life can end up stealing their joy.

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