If you really want to boost your metabolism, burn fat, build muscle, and shed a few pounds, you have to get moving! Exercise in general reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, lowers your stress levels, and strengthens your muscles. It’s extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Add morning exercises to your daily routine for health benefits.

One of the most common reasons people say they don’t exercise is because they don’t have enough time. If that’s true for you, these simple morning exercises by Sergey Borodin can help! One ten-minute routine each day can help you lose weight and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Try these 5 morning exercises to kick-start your weight loss:

1. Heron

This exercise will help you improve your balance, coordination and agility. Stand on your left leg. Lift your right leg so your thigh is parallel to the ground or higher. Pull your toes toward you and pull your right arm forward, but don’t straighten it fully. Keep your left arm down. Your palms should be rounded and relaxed. Close your eyes while you attempt to hold your balance, then stand up on your toes. You can also perform this exercise while sitting.

Perform this exercise 3-5 times for at least 10 seconds each time.

2. Roll

This exercise will help strengthen your spine and improve the blood flow to your spinal cord while relieving stress and fatigue. Sit on the floor and pull your legs toward your head. Clasp your legs using your hands. Keep your back rounded and lean backward as you roll on you back. Return to the starting position.

Perform this exercise several times while you concentrating on your breathing.

3. Candle

This exercise helps to improve blood flow, which benefits mental performance. Lie on the floor and extend your legs toward the ceiling. Put your hands on your hips or your lower back for support. Point your toes upward toward the ceiling. Be sure to relax your neck muscles.

Perform this exercise several times while you focus on your breathing.

4. Sphinx + Cobra

This exercise helps strengthen your back and make your spine more flexible. Lie down on your stomach and learn on your forearms. Lift your torso and hold the position. Keep your forearms parallel to each other. Lower your shoulders, look forward and point your toes. This is the Sphinx position. To move into Cobra position, lift your torso with your hands while you arch your back and look upward. Hold for a moment, then move back into the Sphinx pose.

Perform this exercise several times while you focus on your breathing.

5. Twisting

This exercise improves the mobility and flexibility of your spine. Sit on the floor with your right leg straight out in front of you. Place your left food on the ground, outside of your right thigh. Turn your torso to the side, while you press your right hand against the floor. Keep your left hand pressed against your knee. Repeat the exercise on the other side. Always keep your head turned in the opposite direction of the twist.

Perform this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable.

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