Silence is pretty hard to come by in the modern world.

We have a seemingly infinite number of outlets for our rambling. From blogs to social media, if you have an opinion, there’s no shortage of ways to get it out there.

Plus, we always have our gadgets with us. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see someone walking down the street or on public transit without headphones on or phones out.

But did you know there are some pretty good reasons to embrace silence every now and again?

Reason #1 – It Helps Your Brain Regenerate.


A 2013 study found that two hours of silence a day in mice helped them form new brain cells in the hippocampus. This area is responsible for learning abilities, memory and emotion.

Reason #2 – It Makes You More Creative.


As reported by 99u, silence nurtures creativity. Writer Vyoma Nupur puts it quite well when she says:

The best ideas tiptoe to the forefront in times of silence, when the receding tide of turbulent thoughts allows them to materialize into coherence. In this world of relentless noise, silence is a precious commodity, seldom found.

Reason #3 – It Lifts Tension.


Constant noise affects the brain and it leads to an increase in stress hormones. Silence, on the other hand, lifts the tension in our body. Two minutes of silence a day was observed by researchers to be more helpful in bringing about relaxation than any type of music.

Reason #4 – It Replenishes Mental Resources.


Studies have shown that kids who live or go to school near busy streets have lower grades than those who live in quiet areas. Noise decreases motivation and attention and increases the number of mistakes we make.

Silence, on the other hand, provides clarity and the opportunity to work more efficiently without having to process so much external stimuli.