Hydrogen peroxide is something that can be found in most households across America, but its many possible  uses are unknown to most. After reading about these 15 handy applications for hydrogen peroxide, you’ll want to use it to solve everyday problems like removing stains, cleaning your bathtub, and you can even use it to clean your ears! Check out this list to get a new perspective on the hydrogen peroxide hiding in your cabinet.

1. Remove Stains

Before throwing your dirty clothes in the washer, soak them in hydrogen peroxide. Stubborn stains will become easy to remove!

2. Clean Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floors are looking a tad dull, mix some hot water and hydrogen peroxide and try cleaning your floors with it. They’ll shine like never before.

3. Grow Plants

To ward off any fungus that might be getting in the way of your plant growing, use just a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to keep your plant healthy and fungus-free.

4. Get Natural Highlights

If you don’t have the time or money for a trip to the salon, mix some water with some hydrogen peroxide. Spray it on your hair, then brush for natural highlights overnight.

5. Rid Your Food of Pesticides

Worried about what unwanted pesticides may be lurking in your produce? Fill your sink with cold water and add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Soak your produce to get rid of pesticide residue that may be sitting on your fruits, veggies or leafy greens.

6. Clean Countertops

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a great cleaning agent. Try using it to clean your kitchen countertops!

7. Whiten Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of mouthwash. Mix it with water and swish it back and forth after brushing to help whiten your smile.

8. Clean Your Fridge

Are there food stains on your refrigerator or dishwasher? Use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of them for good!

9. Wipe Down Your Bathtub

Pour some hydrogen peroxide on all of the spots in your tub that need it most. Let it sit for a while to soak through the dirt and grime. Cleaning the tub after should be no problem!

10. Get Rid of Pimples

Using a dab of hydrogen peroxide on troublesome spots can help your acne start to disappear.

11. Clean Your Ears

Mix some hydrogen peroxide with olive oil for an ear cleaner. This mix is much safer and more effective than using a Q-tip, which can damage your eardrum.

12. Freshen Up Your Feet

To keep foot fungus away, dip your feet into a hydrogen peroxide solution. This will get rid of any fungus that may be unknowingly growing in between your toes.

13. Wash Towels

Is there a stain on one of your brand new towels? Just soak the towel in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar!

14. Purify an Aquarium

Keep your fish tank clean to keep your fish happy! If your aquarium is looking a little dirty, add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of grime.

15. Get Rid of Skunk Spray

Hopefully, this never happens to you, but if it does, at least you’ll be prepared. If you get surprised by a skunk, use a mix of hydrogen peroxide, detergent and baking soda to ward off that skunk smell!

h/t: wimp