Do you feel like you’re always apologizing? Or are you often wondering whether or not you should’ve apologized? Here are 15 things you should never apologize for! Be yourself, be honest, do what’s best for you and stand behind your beliefs.

1. Don’t apologize for cutting toxic people out of your life, no matter how long you’ve known them or how close you once were to them.

toxic relationship never apologize

2. Don’t apologize for ignoring someone’s text message after not hearing from the person for months and feeling hurt.

text message never apologize

3. Don’t apologize for posting song lyrics, a quote, or an article that may offend someone, somewhere. Post it if you believe in it and be proud.

social media post never apologize

4. Don’t apologize for being a little bit guarded. Protect yourself and your heart.

protect yourself never apologize

5. Don’t apologize for deciding to stop loving someone who hurts you or did you wrong.

stop loving never apologize

6. Don’t apologize for calling someone out. It’s your right to set boundaries in every relationship.

set boundaries never apologize

7. Don’t apologize for ignoring people who only need you when it’s convenient for them.

ignore never apologize

8. Don’t apologize for putting yourself first.

put yourself first never apologize

9. Don’t apologize for being open and honest.

honest never apologize

10. Don’t apologize for trusting all the wrong people. There is a lesson to be learned from everyone you meet.

trust never apologize

11. Don’t apologize for celebrating, even when there’s nothing to celebrate. The fun does not have to be tied to certain occasions or achievements.

celebrate never apologize

12. Don’t apologize for still learning what matters, who you want in your life, and which direction to go.

learning what matters never apologize

13. Don’t apologize for telling your friends what they need to hear to help them in the long run, even if it’s not what they want to hear at the moment.

help friends never apologize

14. Don’t apologize for your beliefs, hold onto them firmly.

beliefs never apologize

15. Don’t apologize for simply becoming whoever you choose to be.

be yourself never apologize

Actually, just stop apologizing. Start thanking instead!



h/t: idealist4ever