Have you ever wondered if someone is truly authentic or not? There are lots of signs that a person may or may not be authentic. By keeping a lookout for these seven essential signs, you’ll easily be able to tell a genuine person from a faker. Can you tell if anyone in your life is not authentic? Nobody wants to have friends who aren’t truly genuine, so many people keep this guide handy in case someone close to them starts exhibiting these signs.

Many of these signs are well-known, and others are not as easy to figure out. These 7 essential signs will help you get a better idea of who is authentic and who is fake in your life. We have compiled the best signs from lists all over the web.

These are the 7 essential signs that a person is not authentic:

#1 People Who Are Not Authentic Put A Lot Of Value In Material Possessions

According to both LifeHack and Huffington Post, authentic people don’t place that much value in material possessions. Huffington Post says that authentic people actually “see the emptiness” in material things. Truly authentic people place more value on “people, relationships, and experiences” in their life according to LifeHack. Your truly authentic friends are the ones that care more about you than they do their latest hot purchase.

#2 Authentic People Don’t Try To Please Everyone But Fakers Do

Authentic people know that they can’t please everyone, so they don’t even try. Trying to please everyone is a sign of an inauthentic person. The number one sign is that “inauthentic people are people-pleasers.” Huffington Post is in agreement saying in their 5th sign of a truly authentic person is that “they’re not out to please people.” LifeHack’s second sign of highly authentic people is that “they don’t worry about pleasing everyone.”

#3 Authentic People Take Care Of Themselves But Fake People Forgo Self Improvement

Authentic people know how to take care of themselves. Inc. says that the number four way people know you aren’t being authentic is when you don’t take care of yourself. Inauthentic people forego self-improvement. The Huffington Post’s seventh sign of a truly authentic person is that they love themselves. If you do not love yourself – you don’t have very much room to authentically love others.

#4 Inauthentic People Tell You What You Want To Hear

Inauthentic people not only lie, but they change their opinions based upon what you want to hear. Power of Positivity claims that inauthentic people manipulate the truth. Whereas, LifeHack says that authentic people don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. According to the Huffington Post, authentic people on the other hand, “express their true thoughts, feelings and views unapologetically.”

#5 Inauthentic People Are Extremely Jealous

Inauthentic people are envious. LifeHack says that people who are highly authentic don’t get jealous over other peoples successes. People who are constantly jealous over other peoples success are not genuine friends. Jealous people tend to be less authentic because deep down they don’t really want to see you succeed.

#6 Closed-Minded People Are Often Fake

Both Huffinton Post and LifeHack agree that closed-minded people are oftentimes inauthentic. Not only are people who have a closed mind likely to be inauthentic, but they’re also much more likely to be rude and unfriendly.

#7 Inauthentic People Never Accept Responsibility For Their Actions

Inauthentic people are irresponsible. LifeHack says the inauthentic people force others to make decisions for them and blame others for their own mistakes in an attempt to escape that personal responsibility. On the other hand, Huffington Post says that highly authentic people will take total responsibility for their lives.

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