There’s something quirky and fun about tiny houses. Many people enjoy living in them. But for those of us who prefer more of a temporary escape, there’s a growing trend known as tiny home camping that’s swept across North America.

What’s most impressive about some tiny houses is that they look incredible on the inside. Many of the designers behind such houses manage to cram loads of style and luxury into their tiny designs.

But if you think that’s unique, wait till you see what one North Carolina woman did to create gorgeous, minimal vacation homes out of unlikely objects – shipping containers!

Now, if you’ve ever unloaded a truck, you know just how hot, uncomfortable and drab shipping containers can be – after all, they’re metal containers.

But what if I told you the inside of the shipping containers look like this?

Packed with everyday amenities like a ceiling fan, stove, toilet, shower and electrical outlets, each container can fit two adults and one child.


It’s hard to believe the containers are only 320 square feet. They look more comfortable than some hotel rooms I’ve been in!


Creator Shelly made the containers in an effort to provide a low-profile, unique and environmentally-friendly vacation rental property.


She even provides guests with organic sheets!

The floors are made from mahogany and the countertops are constructed from recycled PaperStone.

Located in a nice, quiet area just a short walk away from Carolina Beach, each shipping container provides guests the opportunity to lounge on the deck, and enjoy the outdoor shower in peace.

What do you think? Could you go on a vacation in a shipping container? Let us know in the comments!

Boxman Studios in North Carolina takes the shipping container home concept to a whole new level, offering affordable housing for people in Haiti in partnership with Fireside International. Check it out below!