Lemon Water is Destroying Your Teeth. Here is How to Fix It!

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The health benefits of drinking lemon water are very well documented. In the past, we’ve even recommended you drink a large glass of it first thing in the morning.

By doing so, as reported by Food Matters, you unlock a whole range of benefits that include boosting the immune system, improved digestion and strengthening of the liver.

Not to mention the fact that it can quench your thirst like no other flavored drink out there, something much appreciated as the hot summer months creep up on us.

But there’s a downside we often forget to mention when it comes to drinking lemon water and it’s no slouch…

Lemon Water’s Effect On Your Teeth


All citrus fruits, due to their acids, can damage your teeth. This is especially true for lemons. They contain high amounts of citric acid that quickly wears away at the enamel of your teeth.

Enamel is hard to grow back and once it’s severely damaged, it can even be irreparable.

Signs of enamel erosion include:

  • Tooth Discoloration – Enamel gives teeth their white appearance. Once it wears away, the teeth may have a yellow tint because dentin, the substance that formes the inside of your teeth, is showing through.
  • Transparent Edges – If the edges of the teeth are transparent, this is a sure sign that they enamel is thin and not as strong as it should be.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – The dentin is exposed to the nerve of the tooth. Therefore, if the enamel is being eroded, the inside of the tooth is exposed to temperatures that make eating or drinking cold things uncomfortable.

How To Get Around These Risks

I mean, you don't really want to give this up, do you?

I mean, you don’t really want to give this up, do you?

Wait! Don’t give up on lemon water just yet. Despite the potential for harmful effects, there are things you can do to prevent damage. Here are a few:

  1. Try cold lemon water instead of warm lemon water. This will reduce the amount of available acid that can touch your teeth.
  2. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking lemon water. This will wear away the enamel even more as the citric acid is still fresh on your teeth. Before you do brush, rinse your mouth with water.
  3. Drink lemon water carefully so that it does not touch your teeth or drink with a straw so that it bypasses your teeth.
  4. Try lemon essential oil instead. It has all the benefits, but the oil is made from the lemon peel not the fruit. This makes it healthier for your teeth! 1 -2 drops in a glass of water is perfect!

On the subject of teeth…

Did you know scientists may have just discovered a way to help regrow teeth through the use of stem cells? We’ve got all the details over here.


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what would kimXi do? - November 5, 2015

Oil pulling before anything in the morning helps protect my teeth should I decide to take Lemon Water next :)

Kelly Ann Pope - SMOspider - November 5, 2015

can also try oil pulling too.. but for me my lemons always in the glass til I start over.. so I keep a lid on it in the fridge .. by the time I take it out its cold but still has all the acid in it.. got to renew more often.. stay in the now humans!! in-joy

Michaël Denecker - November 6, 2015

Maybe doing a mouthwash/brush with baking-soda + a little water afterwards to neutralize the acid would help?

    Nicola - November 7, 2015

    if you brush with baking soda after eating/drinking acidic foods or drinks you are worsening the enamel erosion. Enamel is at it’s softest after acids hit it, so do not brush with anything for at least 30 minutes. You can rinse with water or water and baking soda but just rinse. Try sticking to an extrra soft toothbrush. I use a glass straw when drinking acids. As the article states, some damage to enamel is irreparable. Don’t mess up your teeth. They may not forgive you.

      Tony Powell - August 24, 2016

      What about if you mix the lemon with Baking soda and water? Would that neutralize the acid in the lemon?

        Nicola - August 24, 2016

        yes but perhaps neutralizing it would defeat the purpose of drinking the lemon water (or other acidic drink) in the first place.

keepyourheaddown - November 6, 2015

just rinse your mouth with clean water…

Aditya - November 7, 2015

use a straw?

    Andree Iacono - December 15, 2016

    What kind of straw? Glass I heard maybe works, thoughts!

BethLC - November 9, 2015

Does certified pure grade lemon essential oil give the same benefit without the acidic erosion of the teeth?

    Tony Powell - August 24, 2016

    This is an interesting question….did you try the pure grade lemon essential oil?

Dan - July 28, 2016

Coach came up to me about 1st or 2nd week watching me with a lemon or lime in mouth and slapped me a backflip – said don’t ever do that again ! said while I do want you eating 5 raw eggs a day – we don’t superfast rot teeth out with lemons – ( any citrus ) it’ s acidic knowing now what I do ingesting it can only make you Alakaline by causing a rapid extration of bone warehouse stores of calcium and other acidic nutrilizing agents – don’t guess they would soak for 2 days in lemon juice to prove point ?

jexll - November 21, 2016

Just drink the lemon water with a straw!
that way you can pass it directly down the throat bypassing your teeth.

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