Arts and crafts with kids can be a big sticky mess, but necessary for a child’s development and learning. While the kids are enjoying themselves, the parents are always taxed with cleaning, organization, and micro-management. Thank goodness that there are great art and crafts hacks that will make any craft time enjoyable for all.

Scissors can be tricky for kids and even adults. So glad that there are easier ways to keep one’s scissor cutting smooth.

Organization for all of those craft supplies can be tedious. It is surprising that simple kitchen tools can double as great supply caddies and carriers.

Kids love to paint, but it can sure be messy. It goes everywhere including their mouths. There are great tricks for keeping the paint mess more contained and easier to clean-up. Yes, the paint in the store says non-toxic, but it is nice knowing exactly what is in the paint you give your toddler.

If you’re nervous about your child eating paint, try this homemade paint recipe instead.


A simple blend of food coloring, sugar, water, and cornstarch makes great kid safe paint. A quick mix in a Vitamix or with a whisk on medium heat creates cute little balls of paint that are very safe for even the youngest of crafters. You can find the whole recipe and process at Learn Play Imagine!

Check out all the crafting hacks in the video below!