Cellulitis is a painful infection that develops when bacteria enters the body through open cuts or wounds. (1) Practicing good hygiene and maintaining a healthy immune system are forms of cellulitis prevention that can help reduce your chances of developing an infection. Symptoms of cellulitis worsen over time, which is why cellulitis treatment is important. Cellulitis home treatment remedies can help stop painful symptoms and heal the infection before it worsens.

Cellulitis Home Treatment and Prevention

1. Avoid Antibiotics

Taking too many antibiotic drugs can negatively affect the development of the immune system. The antibiotics end up preventing the immune system from learning how to defend itself against invaders. Overusing antibiotics makes it harder for the body to prevent bacterial infections, including cellulitis. (2) Cellulitis prevention includes maintaining a healthy immune system by refraining from an overuse of antibiotics.

2. Clean Open Cuts

One of the most important parts of cellulitis prevention is to clean and protect open cuts on your skin. (3) To prevent harmful bacteria from spreading and stay on top of cellulitis treatment:

  • Gently wash your skin each day, especially any open cuts or wounds
  • Look for any signs of an infection forming near wounds, such as swelling, heat, redness, tenderness or pain
  • When you have a wound, be sure to apply a protective cream or ointment to help with healing
  • Keep damaged and irritated skin cool
  • Avoid any irritating or toxic chemical products such as perfumes, soaps and lotions

3. Practice Good Hygiene

For cellulitis prevention, it’s important to practice good hygiene. (4) Taking care of your skin and keeping it clean can work as a cellulitis treatment to help prevent infections from forming.

  • If you have an infection, be sure to treat it with a natural anti-fungal cream
  • Wash your sheets on a regular basis
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Don’t share items that touch the skin, such as razors
  • Drink enough water throughout the day and eat a healthy diet
  • Check your skin regularly for patches of dry, peeling or red skin

4. Use Natural Products

Cellulitis home treatment includes treating your skin with natural products to help relieve pain and swelling cause by an infection. (5) For cellulitis treatment:

  • Press a warm compress against the rash once or twice a day using a clean washcloth
  • Soak inflamed skin in a warm shower or a warm bath
  • Gently stretch stiff areas as part of cellulitis home treatment to reduce pain
  • Wear loose and breathable clothing made from natural fibers
  • Keep chemical products and skin irritants away from the affected area
  • Apply soothing essential oils as part of cellulitis home treatment, such as lavender oil mixed with coconut oil