When you hear the word psychic, what do you think of?

If you’re like many people, you probably think of someone who can read minds and predict the future.

And while that’s an interesting view, the reality is that psychic ability can be a lot more subtle and varied than that.

Researchers have linked the psychic phenomenon to a neurological condition known as synesthesia. They estimate that the condition exists in about 1 out of every 200 people.

People with synesthesia have brains that are wired differently, causing them to experience one or more senses with great intensity.

There are actually 6 distinct types of psychic ability – one for each sense.

Let’s briefly explore each of them.

Ability #1 – Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

People who are clairvoyant don’t exactly see the future in the way Hollywood would have you believe. Rather, they are drawn to symbols that eventually prove significant.

Ability #2 – Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Clairaudience describes the ability to “hear” voices. In some cases, the voices are audible. But sometimes, clairaudience is as simple as being very in tune with one’s inner voice.

Ability #3 – Clairsentinence (Clear Feeling)

Clairsentinent beings are also commonly referred to as empaths. They are very sensitive to the emotions of others and experience intense physical sensations and emotions in response. As a result of this sensitivity, clairsentinent individuals often withdraw from social gatherings.

Ability #4 – Claircognizance (Clear Knowledge)

Individuals possessing claircognizance seem to grasp concepts very easily. Whether it’s with musical instruments or the nature of someone’s character, they just seem to know what they’re doing.

Ability #5 – Clairgustance (Clear Taste)

Clairgustance involves a hyperactive sense of taste. For example, an individual possessing this capability might be able to taste strawberries as they think about them.

Ability #6 – Clairalience (Clear Smell)

Psychics with a strong sense of clairalience have the ability to interpret smells and recall their specifics even when the object that produces the smell is nowhere nearby.

For example, they might think about their mothers and smell their mothers’ favorite perfume.

Do any of those abilities sound familiar to you? If you’re having a tough time nailing down exactly which psychic capability you have, take the following quiz!

Once you’ve gotten your result, match it with the category that best fits, and leave a note in the comments!

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Dr. Judith Orloff
Reference Point Therapy