Everyone has a hidden dark side and by choosing one of these seven animals you can reveal the secrets of your hidden dark side…

Have you ever wondered about your hidden dark side? Everyone has a dark side to them but we may not always have the best idea of what it’s like. Your dark side is often hidden within your subconscious. This quick picture quiz can unlock the secrets of your unconscious and tell you what you need to know about your hidden dark side or your personality. All you have to do to learn more about your hidden dark side is select one of the animals you like the most. Once you select your animal you can read to learn more details about your hidden dark side. What will the animal you choose reveal about your hidden dark side?

#1 Vulture

Vultures are the ultimate opportunity criminals. They wait until they find a weak prey and when the moment is right they strike. The vulture is patient and they never put themselves at risk or in harm’s way. They are obviously a dangerous predator but they are also resourceful in the manner in which they hunt. If the vulture is the animal you chose then you are likely not the type of person that is hot-tempered but instead you can be quietly vengeful. You wait until the perfect moment to strike and you only do it when you have to.

#2 Black Cat

You are as aloof as the black cat itself. You tend to be a bit of a loaner and you isolate yourself a lot. Your best strength is your attention to detail and laser-focus. Just like a cat who calmly stalks it’s prey before pouncing and going in for the kill, you too are happy to bide your time until you are ready to make your final strike. You have an amazing ability to organize and execute your plans no matter what they are.

#3 Black Widow Spider

You are the ultimate manipulator. You can spin a web of deceit and lure your unsuspecting enemy right into your trap. Just like the Black Widow, you let your prey bring themselves right to you. Instead of putting a lot of work into influencing those around you bluntly, you lay intricate traps for people to carelessly fall into. People don’t realize that you’re doing exactly what you want them to do until it is too late. You’re not the type of person who ever needs to use intimidation – instead you use your cunning intellect.

#4 Black Jaguar

There is no animal on the list that has more raw power or inspires more crippling fear than the black Jaguar. You have an element of mysteriousness that draws people into you. You are known to be fierce and mighty and though you may strike fear into those who do not know you, you have a gentle and deep side to yourself. Some have described you in the past as silently waiting for your next move, but no one truly understands how calculated your moves are.

#5 Raven

You have a somber element to yourself but you are not the great darkness that everyone associates ravens with. You are smart and intuitive of other peoples needs and you know exactly what to say to others. You exercise great caution when dealing with others, you only let others know exactly what you want them to know. You have a deeply private and personal side to yourself, but do not let anyone be fooled you are ready to strike if provoked. The raven never strikes first but you’re always one step ahead of your competition.

#6 Bat

You have a very intricate personality and you live your life exactly the way you want to. You are a very elaborate person and you view the world differently than others, it is like you are viewing the world from a different lens than everyone else. Your view of the world causes you to sometimes have a gloomy outlook on the way that society is, and you sometimes wish that people could just be true to themselves. You are unique and you understand how different you are from the rest of the world.

#7 Wolf

Wolves are the alphas of the forest and you are no different. You are powerful and know exactly when to strike, but you tend to live a life alone, only coming out to deal with issues as needed. You know your own strength, and you understand that your actions carrying heavy consequences. Though you have the ability to pounce at random, you are very precise at picking and choosing your battles. You are like the wolf in the sense that your actions are swift and your allegiance is unbreakable.