If you’ve been struggling to convince your teen to clean up their room all summer, this post just might make you very jealous of one West Virginia girl’s parents. You’ve been warned.

The girl in question goes by the name of Ellie Yeater. While most 14-year-olds blow their money on candy and video games, this kid pooled her savings into a 1974 camper. Of course, being 14, Ellie won’t be able to tow the camper around for at least another two years. But that didn’t stop her from going full-throttle in a completely different way.

You see, that old camper was about to become the best hangout spot ever.

Now, when Ellie bought that old camper, it was quite rustic – to say the least.

The inside wasn’t much prettier.

But it wouldn’t look like that for long; Ellie soon began gutting the entire vehicle with the help of her father and grandfather.

Pretty soon, she had a blank canvas of sorts. And that’s when she started working on a masterpiece. First, she tackled the exterior. What was once a drab and dated brown became a beautiful shade of blue called ‘mystic sea.’

The interior was up next; that would become a light pink with blue accents matching the camper’s exterior.

Next came the flooring. Ellie replaced the pseudo-psychedelic yellow and green flooring with modern wood tiles.

When the dust settled and the paint dried, Ellie had herself one truly epic clubhouse complete with cushions and hanging lights.

Seriously, how awesome is that? With some creativity, passion and flair Ellie took one seriously beat up camper and gave it a whole new life.

Want to see more epic dwelling transformations? I’ll see you over at this post!

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