Have you ever wondered if you are truly a priority to your significant other? If it seems like you’re the only one making an effort, it might be because your partner sees you as more of an option, not a priority. If you aren’t important enough to your partner to be treated with respect, it’s time to move on.

Here are ten signs that you’re not a priority in your relationship:

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Ask You About Your Life

When you’re a priority to someone, they make an effort to ask you about your life. They’ll want to know how your day went, how your family is doing and how your job is going. If your partner doesn’t take an interest in your life, you aren’t a priority to them.

2. You Never Go Out Together

How often do you go out to eat or go see a movie with your partner? If you can’t remember the last time you had a date night or did anything social together, it might be because you’re an option, not a priority.

3. Your Partner Makes Excuses

If your partner is constantly making excuses as to why the two of you can’t spend time together, that’s a major red flag. It’s a clear sign that your partner doesn’t appreciate you and you aren’t a priority.

4. Your Partner Doesn’t Respond To Texts Or Calls

Does your partner answer your phone calls or text messages throughout the day? If you’re often left waiting hours and hours for a response and you can’t seem to get a hold of your partner, they clearly don’t care enough to get back to you.

5. Your Partner Never Makes Plans With You

A significant other who’s excited to see you and spend time with you will make an effort to plan out date nights ahead of time. If your partner never makes plans, it’s probably because spending time with you isn’t a priority to them.

6. Your Partner Is Unwilling To Help You

Whether you need a hand with the groceries or your car runs out of gas, your partner should be someone you can count on. If your partner is unwilling to help you in times of need, it’s a clear sign that you aren’t that important to them.

7. Your Partner Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

If your significant other is constantly putting you down, making you upset or poking fun at you, it’s time to end the relationship. A partner who truly cares about you will build you up, not bring you down.

8. Your Partner Lies To You

A partner who sees you as a priority will never lie to you, because being honest with you is important to them. If you often catch your partner in a lie, it’s a pretty clear sign that you aren’t a priority.

9. You Are The Only One Making Sacrifices

Compromise is part of every relationship. But if you’re the only one compromising or making sacrifices, there’s something wrong. It means that your partner is more concerned about their own happiness than yours.

10. Your Partner Breaks Promises

If you’re important to someone, they’ll make an effort to keep their promises to you. If your significant other is a pro at saying what you want to hear then failing to deliver, you aren’t a priority in your relationship.

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