This couple is doing something that hasn’t been done since Noah’s Ark.

For the past 20 years, artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King have been steadily building a floating island named Freedom Cove.

Photo Credit: Browning Pass

Wayne Adams and Catherine King


Freedom Cove

The Cove is located in Cypress Bay near Tofino, British Columbia, giving the couple a chance to be one with nature.

The Freedom Cove

The floating paradise is made entirely of recyclable materials and is painted various shades of pink and teal.

The Cove

Inside of the house are greenhouses, an art gallery and a lighthouse tower with a shower inside.

Freedom Cove Lighthouse

This Canadian couple even grows their own food in a garden that is spread throughout the Cove!

Freedom Cove Garden

“We live our life in a manner that, we hope, adds to the health of the environment,” explains King. “We do our best to live conscientiously this way every day.” Kitchen in Freedom Cove

Throughout Freedom Cove are original pieces of art created by Adams and King.

freedom cove art

While the floating island won’t be coming to a city near you, visitors are welcome to stop by for an official boat tour from June to September. Kayakers can also visit.

Freedom Cove TourThe couple is not quite finished adding on to Freedom Cove. Cheers to the next 20 years!

Freedom Cove overhead

Photo Credit: Browning Pass