Your best friend might feel like your guardian angel, and here are ten signs that mean your friend really is your guardian angel…

Have you ever felt like your best friend is more like your guardian angel? Sometimes our best friend is more than just a friend and more like someone sent from God to protect us. There are many signs that your best friend is actually your guardian angel, but there are ten specific signs that can confirm your best friend’s true purpose. This person is there for you through thick and thin, and they never let you down. You might feel like this person is extra special to you – even more special than a normal best friend. Do these ten signs mean your best friend is your guardian angel?

#1 You felt like something was missing before you met them.

Your guardian angel is someone who comes in to your life at the exact right moment. You will feel as if you needed this person all along and sometimes you think in retrospect how much this person could have helped you before. Your guardian angel is someone who fits perfectly into your life and you sometimes feel like they’re what you’ve always been missing in your life.

#2 They know exactly how to cheer you up.

Sometimes you’re in the most rotten mood and you feel like nothing is ever going to make you feel better. Your guardian angel only hears this as a challenge, though, and they will figure out the things that make you feel better. Your guardian angel knows how to console you and how to make you feel calm and soothed. Your guardian angel is someone who can make you smile even on your worst and most difficult days.

#3 You’ve told them most of your darkest secrets.

Your guardian angel knows everything about you. Not only do they know the stuff they’ve learned from spending tons of time around you, they also know all of the secrets you’ve told them in confidence. The deep conversations and trusting relationship you have with your guardian angel makes you tell them all your secrets and sometimes they tell you their secrets too. There’s hardly anything your guardian angel doesn’t know about you or that you wouldn’t tell them if they asked.

#4 They stood by you when others didn’t.

Many of us have been in situations where friends or even family abandoned us completely. Sometimes your situation has gotten so bad that even people you considered your best friends didn’t stand by your side. However, your guardian angel stood by you when everyone else had abandoned you. When things get tough, your guardian angel is the last person who will be there standing up for you. They will always be there for you no matter what situation you get yourself into.

best friend guardian angel

#5 You have a deep connection with them.

Your relationship is so strong with your guardian angel that it’s like an unbreakable bond. You and your guardian angel will feel connected on a deeper and more spiritual level than other people. You likely feel as though you are more connected with this person than any other friend you’ve had before and maybe even more than your family. Your guardian angel will likely feel more like family than just a friend.

#6 You prefer to spend time one-on-one instead of being in groups.

The two of you would rather hang out alone with each other than in a big group of friends. You both enjoy your alone-time together because that is when you get to share your most intimate thoughts. When someone is truly your guardian angel you will find time to have that one-on-one social time that you cherish. The personal time the two of you share together is what makes your bond so strong.

#7 They are extremely reliable.

You know you can always count on this person to be there for you. This person never lets you down because your guardian angel is the person you trust the most in the world. This is one of the most important signs of all because your best friend can’t be your true guardian angel if you don’t trust them. You should always be able to rely on your guardian angel to come through.

#8 They offer helpful advice right when you really need it.

Your guardian angel always has the best advice. The best part is, your guardian angel is never pushy and they never force their suggestions on you. However, you wouldn’t mind if they did considering how valuable their advice has been in the past. Your guardian angel knows you better than you know yourself sometimes and the advice they give reflects that.

#9 They’re always looking out for you.

Regardless of your current situation, your guardian angel will do whatever they can to protect you. Even though they might seem nonchalant about things, they are always secretly looking out for you and trying to protect you. Sometimes it might not be obvious because they don’t want you to think you can’t do things on your own and they don’t want to stifle your independence. However, they will give you as much help and protection as possible.

#10 They’re never judgmental.

Friends can often times judge us for our actions. With this friend, though, you never feel like you’re being looked down upon or scrutinized at all. You feel as though they’re always there to support you and when they listen to your difficulties in life they’re never quick to blame you or judge you for your prior decisions. Your guardian angel doesn’t care about the things you’ve done in the past and won’t judge you based upon them. Your guardian angel is always understanding of your situation and can always view things from your perspective.