The first thing you see in this picture will tell you the truth about your current situation in life right now…

This quick quiz will reveal the truth about what is going on in your life right now. This picture quiz uses an optical illusion to gain insight into your subconscious. The first thing you see in this photo will give you a deeper insight into your current state of mind in life.

Which figure do you see first? The man or the woman?

The Man:

If you are a man and you saw the man first then you likely have a guy or group or guys on your mind. There are several things that could cause this. A male rival either professionally, socially, or in a sporting capacity. Rivalries can often consume a person’s mind. Additionally, frustration or disappointment with a male figure can also trigger this. These male figures may even be sports players, celebrities, or other public figures that you’re displeased with or concerned about.

If you’re a woman and you saw a man you are likely looking for a relationship. Seeing the man is a good indication that you have the opposite sex on the mind one way or another. If you are already in a relationship then you are likely concerned about them as many women are. This concern can range from anything to their well-being. If men aren’t your thing romantically then consider the reasons that men saw the male figure in the picture.

The Woman:

If you’re a woman and you saw the girl in the picture first then you probably have a really positive outlook on life. The woman’s face has more of a smile and the man’s face has more of a frown. The reason girls see the woman in the picture first is because they can relate with the positive outlook of the woman in the picture. Her smile seems like a reflection of how you feel inside.

If you’re a man and you saw a woman it’s likely that you have a woman on your mind. This woman is probably someone you admire but they may also be someone who is stressing you out depending on your situation. If you’re single it is likely that this woman is someone you admire. If you aren’t single then it is likely that your mate is on your mind.