What do you get for a 100 year old grandmother that doesn’t want anything for her birthday? Macklemore of “Thrift Shop” fame answered this question in a most wonderful way. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the rapper showed up at his grandmother’s house.

Macklemore then took his grandma out for a day of “whatever she wanted to do.”

And to that, Helen Schott, Macklemore’s grandmother replied, “Oh, God, I want to do it all!” Furthermore, the artist filmed the day of fun and made it the music video for his latest single, “Glorious.”

But if you thought such a day would be filled with knitting needles and bingo, think again. You can see just all what the duo took part in by scrolling down to watch the music video, which now has over 8 million views!

And Schott was more than happy to grant her grandson’s request.

“He was very nice about it, he said I would love to have you do this, will you do this for me? I said of course,” Schott said. “Anytime I can have my grandkids around I love it. We’re a great family, we have a lot of fun.”

And Macklemore wrote a note to Schott saying, “Grandma – nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werther’s Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben.”

Watch Macklemore’s new music video, featuring his sweet grandmother: