There are many goals people have for their twenties; for many, having a child is one of them. And there are several reasons why having a baby in your twenties makes sense.

For one, your body has more energy in your early 20s than it probably ever will again. And yeah, any mother will tell you, keeping up with a baby requires a lot of that.

However, despite the consensus for the biological prime time to have a baby resting somewhere in the 20-something range, a study published in the journal Biodemography and Social Biology might poke a few holes in that theory.

In fact, the study suggests that having children in your 30s can lead to more intelligent babies.

I, for one, support this theory. And no, not just because I, born in my mother’s early 30s, am so much more intelligent than my older sister.

Aside from that, there are many reasons the theory makes sense.

In The Times, researcher Alice Goisis proposed that a reason for this could be that women in their 30s are likely to be more educated with higher incomes and healthier lifestyles than those in their 20s.

Goisis, who was part of the Biodemography and Social Biology study, also says that older mothers are more likely to read to their children and less likely to engage in behaviours like smoking.



Children in the study were examined at the age of five.

While this is by no means the be-all-that-ends-all of life coaching or family planning, it is something to consider. Hopefully, it is also a decent pick-me-up for anyone in their late 20s who’s concerned about the fact that they have not totally got their lives together yet. It could be better for your future kids!