Cassia oil has a long history of powerful medicinal uses. This strong and spicy-scented essential oil is derived by steam distillation process.  The bark, leaves and twigs, which come from an evergreen tree native to China and Burma, are all distilled to produce the oil. And, as mentioned above, the oil has been used for its medicinal properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Its natural antimicrobial, antiviral and astringent properties make cassia essential oil an effective natural medicine for many ailments. From treatment of diarrhea to relief of menstrual cramps, cassia essential oil has a lot of health benefits to offer. It is, in a sense, a cure-all for many common illnesses and afflictions. Learn more about cassia essential oil by reading the uses below.

Cassia Oil Uses

1. Treats Diarrhea

Cassia essential oil helps relieve diarrhea by binding to the bowels and killing harmful microorganisms that cause diarrhea. Cassia also helps reduce inflammation to heal the digestive system. Along the same vein, cassia essential oil is great for treatment of constipation and indigestion.  Cassia oil is also what’s known as carminative, meaning it can help drive gas from the body, another way in which it addresses digestive issues.

2. Improves Circulation

Cassia oil has the ability to enhance blood circulation by creating a warm feeling in the body. Additionally, the soothing properties of cassia essential oil also help to relieve pain and inflammation. Furthermore, the oil can work as a natural treatment for headaches and muscle aches.  The warming sensation this oil offers can also help to fight a fever.

Try adding the oil to your bath, or make your own relaxing bath salts to take advantage of the warming, healing qualities this oil has to offer.

3. Relieves Menstrual Symptoms

The pain-relieving properties of cassia oil also apply to relief of menstrual cramping. These properties allow it to work as a natural remedy for a wealth of painful menstrual symptoms, in fact, such as headaches, cramps and muscle aches. Cassia essential oil can also help reduce feelings of nausea, which often accompany PMS and menstruation for many women.  Furthermore, cassia is said to have the ability to treat uterine hemorrhaging and other internal and external hemorrhaging, due to its astringent properties.  It can help open up blocked menses, and it may also cure a loss of libido, impotence, and other sexual dysfunctions.

4. Treats Arthritis

Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of cassia essential oil, it can be used to relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. The oil works to reduce pain and swelling in the joints while inhibiting the body’s inflammatory response. (1) The warming sensation also plays a part here, offering relief from pain linked to arthritis and arthritic-like conditions.  Try combining the cassia with a carrier oil, then massage it into your affected joins and muscles.  Alternatively, soak in a warm bath with a few drops of cassia essential oil for relief from arthritis pain.

5. Boosts Immune System Function

Cassia essential oil can also help keep your body in good working order and free from illnesses. This is due to the antimicrobial and antiviral properties of cassia oil, which work to fight infections and boost the immune system. Furthermore, cassia oil can help combat viral diseases and conditions including cold and flu, as well as infections. Be sure to keep it stocked up in your house for the cold and flu season.

Cassia essential oil improves the function of your mind, as well, as it’s a stimulant. It can stimulate the nervous system and thereby the brain, improving alertness and awareness.

6. Works as an Astringent

As mentioned above, cassia oil has astringent properties. These natural astringent properties that work to treat many ailments, including a sore throat and an upset stomach, as well as hemorrhaging. It can also be used as an astringent for skin health. Cassia essential oil can help treat acne, heal cuts and sores and treat skin irritations. Blend it with a carrier oil to treat acne, cuts, or abrasions.  As always, be sure to test a small area before applying it freely.

7. Treats Depression

Depression and anxiety plague many of us, and while there are conventional medications available, there are also numerous home remedies that may help. Cassia essential oil is a natural, effective home remedy that can be used to treat both depression and anxiety. Cassia oil warms and soothes the body, making it a natural remedy for depression. The oil contains a compound called cinnamic aldehyde, which has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety. (2)  It promotes warm feelings, both in the body and the mind.

8. Fights Bacteria

Hand-in-hand with its immunity-boosting abilities, cassia oil is fantastic for staving off infections and bacteria. This is due to the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of cassia essential oil, which helps protect the body from dangerous infections. Studies have supported this notion, in fact. They show that the oil is an effective treatment against mold and different types of bacteria. (3)

9. Treats Diabetes

Some studies suggest that cassia oil may work as a natural diabetes treatment by lowering blood sugar levels. Research has shown, in fact, that the oil may be just as effective as glibenclamide, a prescription drug used to treat type 2 diabetes. (4) While some diseases do require conventional treatment methods, you will generally find better results if you can help get your body back to optimal health with natural solutions.


Cassia oil can cause irritation and/or sensitization on the skin and in the mucus membrane. Perform a patch test before applying cassia oil to sensitive skin. Pregnant women should avoid using cassia oil. If you have any hesitations concerning the use of this essential oil, regarding a medical condition or medication, please consult your doctor.

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