These seven great relationship tips will keep your marriage strong and healthy, put them into practice every day to make them a habit.

There are seven different practices that are proven to keep marriages together. Everyone from Psychology instructor Holly Parker at the Harvard Extension School to Lisa Thomas who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Psychology Today, agree on many of these practices.

These seven healthy habits are good tips for any relationship. Put them into practice today in order to improve your relationship and stop divorce.

#1 Try to always see the best in your partner.

The Harvard Extension School writes that research has shown that how you think about your partner affects how you feel about them and how you understand them. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your partner you will frame everything they do negatively.

#2 Set boundaries around your immediate family.

Psychology Today reminds us that our spouse and children should be a priority in our life. Your relationship with your extended family should never be prioritized over your relationship with your spouse or even your children. You should set clear boundaries between your immediate family and the rest of your family – making special time for your spouse.

#3 Have fun together.

The Harvard Extension School cites a study from Berkeley that says “couples who play together stay together.” Try to find time to do something recreational with your partner. This can be anything the two of you enjoy doing together.

#4 Have sex together as often as possible.

Everyone is in agreement that having regular sexual encounters with your partner helps strengthen your bond. Psychology Today recommends being deeply intimate during sex by maintaining eye-contact and by mixing it up every now and then. Harvard Extension School says that having “good sex” is key to a healthy relationship.

#5 Touch each other often.

Psychology Today writes about how important regular non-sexual physical contact is to a relationship. These little gestures throughout the day remind your partner that you love them and are attracted to them. These small displays of affection will serve as a good confidence booster for your partner, too.

#6 Be grateful for your partner and compliment them often.

When they do something nice, thank them. When they look good, tell them. Harvard Extension School writes that expressing gratitude to your partner is a great way to increase satisfaction in your relationship. Psychology Today recommends complimenting your partner often. This is a great way to build your partner’s self esteem.

#7 Have a good relationship with yourself.

Harvard Extension School writes about how important your own self-esteem is in your relationship. Your own confidence is very important to your relationship. Additionally, you should take care of yourself to help improve your relationship. Keeping fit and staying attractive for your partner are vital parts of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Sources: Harvard Extension School, Psychology Today