Teen Fulfills Her Childhood Dream Of Owning A Horse… Sorta

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A New Zealand teenager has reportedly devised a rather unusual method of getting around – cowback riding.

According to CBC, Hannah Simpson always wanted a horse. When that didn’t happen, the now-18-year-old girl decided to take matters into her own hands and mounted Lilac, her cow.

“I just jumped on and rode her,” said Hannah. “It’s kind of like a horse, I guess, except she’s slow and it’s a slightly different motion.”

Hannah went on to say that although Lilac doesn’t particularly like cantering, occasionally she will – when she has a lot of energy.

Remarkably, Hannah has even been able to teach her cow to jump.

“I remember mom and dad didn’t like it,” she said. “She has broken a few gates, thinking that she can jump over them.”

Unsurprisingly, Hannah said she gets odd looks from time to time when she’s out riding Lilac.

“People usually just glance over, like, ‘Oh, she’s riding a… Wait, no, she’s riding a cow!'”

Once, said Hannah, a lady even approached her and her brother as they were out with Lilac and offered them a “wee horse” she’d been meaning to get rid of. It took a bit of convincing, but Hannah’s parents finally relented.

That hasn’t stopped Hannah from riding Lilac, though.

“I have a horse now I’ve had him for 2 years but I still love riding lilac and she would get bored if I didn’t take her on rides,” she wrote in one Instagram caption.

Speaking of Instagram, Hannah has become something of a star on the social media website for her pictures and videos of adventures with Lilac.

She’s amassed more than 3,000 followers so far and commenters include everyone from press members to adoring fans. There are some haters, though.

“I’ve had a few negative comments, people saying ‘you shouldn’t do this to your cow,'” said Hannah. “But also there was a vet that commented it should be fine for the cow as long as you don’t overdo it and if she’s happy with it then that’s fine.”

How’s this for a happy cow?

Hannah Simpson, Instagram


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