This Optical Illusion Reveals How Stressed You Are in 2 Seconds!

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When you think your day’s going just fine, it’s there, creeping up behind you.

When you’re snuggled in front of that television and your brain’s gearing up to remind you about that major assignment due the next day, it’s there, getting ready to pounce.

It comes to us all, like death and taxes. In fact, it also comes with death and taxes.

I’m talking, of course, about our good old friend stress!

The statistics surrounding stress actually indicate an alarming epidemic in America. According to, 44% of Americans are more stressed out than they were 5 years ago. The organization also says work- related stress is to blame for 10% of all strokes as well as 60% of all illnesses and diseases.

While you might think obesity is America’s biggest problem, consider that 3 out of 4 doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses. That pesky little feeling is responsible for $300 billion in medical bills and lost productivity, $100 billion more than what obesity costs the nation.

Do you know how to tell how stressed you are? There are the normal signs you’re probably familiar with, like headaches, muscle tension, chest pain and upset stomach. But did you know there’s a “fun” way to check your stress level?

Japanese psychiatrist Akioshi Kitaoka created a set of images designed to help viewers of the images determine their state of mind.

Essentially, if you look at these images and they appear to be still, you are relaxed. If they are moving slowly, you’re a tad stressed. If they’re really moving around, you’re super stressed and should probably take it easy.

Right now, the images appear to be moving very slowly for me, which matches the way I feel.

Of course, I wouldn’t go rushing to the hospital or jump to any hard medical conclusions based on these results but it can be a good way to tell if it’s time for you to sit down and take a few deep breaths.


Here are some more illusions to test your stress level with!




So? How stressed are you?


Brandon Richard is a writer, musician and blogger. He loves thinking creatively and finding new ways of looking at the world.

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Daniel Gurtner - March 30, 2016

Wow, must be super stressed today! They’re moving around like crazy!

susandanielspi - March 31, 2016

Not moving at all.

Shaun Bolen - March 31, 2016

These images are made to look as if they are moving when you move your eyes around. If you focus on one spot they mostly quit moving.

jules105 - April 7, 2016

The first one, all still except for the dots in the centers, they seem to be like little sparklers sparking……if that makes sense

Ryan Sempkowski - April 14, 2016

Actually these images aren’t an indication of stress at all, tho they do reflect how your visual cortex processes patterns of information, in reality the more relaxed you are and those in a more meditative state who actively use their imagination will see flowing images. So just go with the flow, otherwise trying to create a fixed image from these vortexual patterns will induce more stress, on the microcosmic molecular level everything is always in vibration, always in movement, the appearance of a static reality is the real illusion.

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