Cutting onions is not fun. Even the mere mention of onions brings back memories of standing in the kitchen, helping my mother cook and cringing whenever she motioned to the onions.

It’s not even that they make you cry. They can be a pain to cut once you get down to the small pieces. You have to keep cutting with the knife, dangerously close to fingertips. Jon Bon Jovi’s wife was actually hospitalized as a result of  a mishap during that exact scenario.

All he asked for was some salad, it wasn’t supposed to go down like that…

But cutting onions doesn’t have to be dangerous. DavidHax has made a video showing you how to cut onions easily and safely using something a bit unusual – a hair pick.

It looks strange, but after you see how simple and effective it turns out to be, you’ll never cut onions any other way again.

He starts off by peeling the onion and cutting off the top and bottom, just as you would normally. It gets interesting at the next step, when he sticks his hair pick in the onion and starts cutting through.

It’s not just onions that this trick is good for. Any vegetable you can stick a hair pick into is worth a shot.

Check out Dave’s video below to see how it’s done!