No One Believed That His Horse Liked To Swim, So He Caught THIS On Camera

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Who doesn’t like a quick, refreshing dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day?  Apparently, some horses like to do as well, like the one featured in the video below.  However, no one allegedly believed this horse’s owner that his pet liked to take a swim every afternoon.   But he proved them wrong by taking video of his horse in the pool and posted it on YouTube!

In the video, the horse takes a lap in his owner’s swimming pool, looking happy as a clam.

And it’s an adorable moment, though the beautiful animal does seem to struggle to get himself out of the pool at the end of the video.  It isn’t unheard of for owners to take their horses into water, though many horses need time to get used to the idea of swimming.  Just like humans, they have to learn how to swim.

Swimming can be an effective way to build up a horse’s strength with minimal shock impact on their legs.  It can also prove to be beneficial in rehabilitating injured horses. But horses, just like people, can be come overexerted in the water.  Be mindful of what your pet can handle.  Too much swimming can lead to sore backs and other undesirable physical conditions.

But this sweet animal seems to navigate the water with ease–it’s getting out of the pool that needs work!

Watch the horse take a stroll around the swimming pool to escape the day’s heat:

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