Doctor Found Dead After Studying THIS Controversial Cancer Treatment

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Worldwide, the cancer treatment industry brings in a whopping $124.6 billion annually. It’s not hard to see why when you consider that more than 1.6 million new cancer cases are diagnosed annually and, on average, a month of cancer drug treatment costs $10,000.

That’s pretty scary, especially since the average American’s monthly take-home pay is less than $4,000.

Enter GcMAF – an experimental cancer treatment that could cost less than $2,000 for a full 24-week treatment plan.

How GcMAF Works


GcMAF is an essential protein the human body produces naturally. On a daily basis, this protein fights off cancer growth. Sometimes, though, the cancer cells overpower the body’s natural level of GcMAF. That’s where supplementation comes in.

Several countries around the world, such as Japan, have legalized GcMAF cancer treatment and observed incredible results to the tune of an 80% success rate with zero side effects.

At home in the United States, of course, it’s a different story. GcMAF remains banned by the FDA on the basis of it being ‘unproven’ as an effective cancer treatment. As such, it’s unavailable to cancer patients in the United States.

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet hoped to change that. He dedicated his life to developing and providing alternative treatments for illnesses like HIV, cancer and autism. GcMAF, he believed, was the answer to all three. The independent research and treatment conducted at his Georgia clinic was proving his beliefs to be true.

What Happened To Dr. Bradstreet

Of course, the FDA didn’t like Dr. Bradstreet’s progress too much. And so, in 2015, they – along with Georgia law enforcement – raided Dr. Bradstreet’s facility and seized everything they could find pertaining to GcMAF.

Not long after the raid, Dr. Bradstreet’s body was found floating in a river with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Authorities initially reported Dr. Bradstreet’s death to be a suicide. His family and supporters, however, were not convinced.

“People who knew him knew he would never take his own life,” said Dr. Bradstreet’s younger brother Thom. “It is our 100% belief that Jeff did not commit suicide. Not only becomes of who Jeff was as a person, but because we looked at the science of it; we looked at the medical proof and it’s just not possible that Jeff took his own life.

The way the bullet entered into the body, it’s almost impossible for an individual to do that and it was far enough away that it left no tattooing, no significant burn marks or anything like that.”

With the help of generous supporters, Dr. Bradstreet’s family have raised more than $40,000 which they’ve used to hire a private investigator, who – based on the current evidence – confirms their belief.

Would The Government Murder An Alternative Doctor?

Dr. Bradstreet is far from the only alternative doctor who has mysteriously died while on the cusp of a significant medical breakthrough. From Dr. Han to Dr. Gaynor, we’ve written quite extensively about the deaths of more than 30 alternative doctors, most of which were involved in cancer and autism treatment research.

If you’re skeptical, I highly encourage you to take a look at this video from We Are Change.

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