Have you ever wondered what the key differences are between successful and unsuccessful people? A lot of it has to do with the way we embrace the world, as well as the innate way we react to life’s challenges.

Want to know if you’re on the right track? Here are 20 characteristics of mentally strong people:

1. You know how to balance your emotions and logic

When you’re mentally strong, you know when emotions overtake logic and vica versa. You also know that one doesn’t have to trump the other, but rather balance each other out.

2. You use your time productively

You spend your free time learning new things that can benefit you spiritually and financially. When there’s a task at hand, you undertake it without any excuses.

3. You know how to adapt to changes

When plans change, you don’t panic. Instead of resisting new circumstances, you embrace them.

4. You face your fears

While most people avoid their fears or face them in attempts to good in front of others, mentally strong people have nothing to prove. They confront their demons and seek to always become better versions of themselves.

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5. You learn from your mistakes

When something goes wrong, you don’t make excuses or justify your actions. You take accountability for what went wrong and learn from it.

6. You find balance between your present and future selves

You accept who you are in the moment, but also never lose sight of the person you strive to be. You constantly work towards that goal, but don’t bring yourself down in the meantime for not being there yet.

7. You’re happy for other peoples’ successes

When someone experiences success in life, you celebrate it. You don’t succumb to jealousy or try to belittle their achievements.

8. You have a strong hold on your values

You don’t let the opinions or lifestyles of others sway yours. You have a firm grasp of who you are and what you believe in; thus, mentally strong people find it easier to make decisions.

9. You don’t show off your skills

Mentally weak people strive for success to impress others; mentally strong people do it for themselves. They don’t seek recognition, and they don’t need others’ validations.

10. You’re a real person

You don’t try to be someone you’re not. You’re honest with yourself and the world, and your actions don’t contradicts your words.

11. You place value on who you are, not what you’ve done

Mentally strong people know there’s more to life than what you’ve accomplished. Sure, you may have won that award, but what kind of person are you on the inside? You know that this is what matters in life, not titles or achievements.

12. You know that anything of value is worth waiting for

You know that impatience won’t get you anywhere. Sure, it might take a long time for your dreams to come to fruition, but they’re your dreams, and they’re worth the wait. You know this!

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13. You see challenges as opportunities

Mentally strong people don’t shrink away from a challenge. They face them head-on and see them as catalysts for growth.

14. You’re thankful

You don’t constantly want the latest and greatest things. You take stock of what is around you and are grateful for everything you have.

15. You focus on what you do best

Many people are successful in life because they embrace and channeled their passions. You know what your strengths are and you capitalize on them.

16. You don’t ever quit

Mentally strong people always get back up in the face of adversity. They see failure as an opportunity for growth.

17. You hold tight to your optimism

When the going gets tough, mentally strong people always look on the bright side. They don’t let negativity bog them down.

18. You accept your weaknesses and work on them

While most people try their best to disguise their vulnerabilities, mentally strong people are not afraid to face their weaknesses and work on them.

19. You don’t complain about your problems

Mentally strong people recognize that there are two ways to deal with problems: complain endlessly or solve them. They choose the latter.

20. You never stop learning

You see every day as a new opportunity for growth, positive experiences, and new lessons to be learned. Mentally strong people embrace the day, knowing something valuable always awaits.

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