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They Put a Mesh Tunnel Around Their Garden for This GENIUS Reason!

From pests to weeds, there are plenty of things that can turn your backyard from a beautiful garden into a mess. And while you might be tempted to look for a gardening service or harsh chemical to battle for supremacy over your yard, I’d like to share a solution that might surprise you. The first “ingredient?” […]


6 Simple Ways to Raise Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

In the materialistic world we live in, raising children who aren’t constantly saying, “I want that” can be a challenge. Television and magazine ads are constantly promoting new toys, the latest X-box games are almost impossible to keep up with, and kids are bringing their cool, new gadgets to school to show them off, much […]


10 Signs You’re Being Lied To

People lie for different reasons — to feel accepted, to hide something they’ve done, to make someone else feel better or to get what they want. Whatever their reasons are, you’ll likely come across people who make a habit out of lying. Even if they’ve perfected the art of lying, there are several tell-tale signs […]


Study States That This Common Spice KILLS Pancreatic Cancer!

A study published in the Anticancer Research journal, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the International Institute of Anticancer Research, found that a unique turmeric extract known as liposomal curcumin may provide an alternative to chemotherapy in the treatment of lethal pancreatic cancers. If you’re familiar with turmeric, you probably know that most of its […]


10 Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know and Do

Chronic anxiety is an intense, persistent problem that can become extremely disruptive to a person’s everyday life. Living with anxiety is a struggle, and part of that struggle is often feeling misunderstood. If you don’t suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to know what to do or how to help when you see someone […]


10 Things You Should Do Before Turning 40

Many people dread the aging process. Turning 40 and seeing all of those “over the hill” birthday cards is enough to make 40-somethings want to hide out. But aging is inevitable. It can’t be stopped, so why not choose to embrace it? Here are 10 things you should do before turning 40: 1. Spend Time […]


Remove Large, Oily Pores FAST With These Natural Ingredients!

The idea that you can shrink your pores is, unfortunately, a myth. Pores are supposed to be tiny, so they shouldn’t be visible, right? Yet some of us struggle with larger pores that can easily be seen, and they end up being a source of insecurity for many. Pore size is genetically determined, so you […]


4 Ancient Japanese Secrets for Staying Slim and Healthy!

While eating a nutritious diet, exercising and drinking plenty of water are typically universal ways to stay healthy and fit, each and every culture has a few of their own ideas on how to maintain a healthy figure. In Japan, there are four essential rules that many people follow to stay healthy, and you might […]


5 Simple Ways to Spot Someone With Hidden Motives

People come into our lives for all sorts of different reasons. Some leave a positive mark, while others are surrounded by negativity. True friends can be difficult to find. People with hidden motives are often able to hide their selfish agendas well, and we don’t realize how they’ve used us or what they’ve taken from […]


THIS is What Fasting Does for Your Brain. No Wonder Big Pharma Won’t Study It!

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases affect a combined 6.1 million Americans. There is no proven cure for either; prevention is the only hope one has for escaping the degenerative brain diseases. And how exactly do you prevent them? Easy. Fast two times a week. That bold statement isn’t coming from me. It’s based on extensive research that’s been […]

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