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Urban Farming: This is How Fruit Was Farmed in The 1600s

Common logic, and many experts, tell us we should buy local, seasonal food over produce that has been transported several miles to get to a grocery shelf. And it makes sense; not only has this food been transported a long distance, it is often grown in greenhouses that suck up energy faster than a babysitting session […]


10 Brilliantly Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress. It happens to the best of us. Even the most carefree person can feel it start to creep up from time to time. We feel stressed from pressure at work, having too many commitments, relationship problems, family drama, traffic jams, schoolwork, bills… should I go on? It’s easy to get caught up in today’s […]


Are You Always Cold When Others are Warm? This is Why!

You probably know people who wear layers of clothing year-round, or constantly complains about how cold they are, even in the middle of summer. Or, maybe you’re the one who’s shivering and putting on a sweater while others are in shorts and flip flops. It’s seems strange that two people in the same room could […]


Death Falls in Love with Life in This Powerful Short Video

This beautiful little video titled The Life of Death was hand-drawn by Marsha Onderstijin, an animator and storyboard artist from the Netherlands. It follows a recognizable but friendly version of death as he goes about his day doing what death does. Honestly, death reminds me of a little child, and it is with his childlike innocence […]


This Map Will Help You Harvest Your Local Landscape for Free Food

Passionate environmentalists Caleb Phillips and Ethan Welty set out to “unite the efforts of foragers, freegans and foresters everywhere,” and came up with a map that points to over half a million food sources around the world. They created a website that identifies fruit trees and other edible plants that are free for the taking in […]


How To Make a Fire That Feeds Itself and Burns For 14+ Hours

One of the most fun parts about camping is sitting around a fire with your friends or family, singing songs or telling stories. But what’s not fun about camping is having to constantly keep the fire going. In cases where you’re lost while hiking and trying to survive the night by keeping warm and alert (a position that, […]


The Top 5 Foods for Beauty and Health

By Gillian B Enough with spending all of your money on chemical-laden lotions and potions that don’t work and actually increase your toxic load! If you want a super healthy glow, it’s time to turn your attention to what is going on inside. So if you suffer from acne, inflammation, or dry, flaky skin, look […]


8 Signs Your Guardian Angel is With You!

Guardian angels are commonly viewed as heavenly messengers from God. They are sent to give people guidance in their lives or protect them from harm. There is another line of thought that equates angels to spiritual beings that exist at a different frequency than us humans. They are on Earth to help people find their […]


10 Proven Vinegar Hacks For a Cleaner Home!

Vinegar is a wonderful liquid that is commonly used for pickling and canning food. Some people even like to cook with it. My husband loves beets sprinkled with a bit of white vinegar. However, what most people don’t know is that vinegar is perfect for more than just preserving food and adding taste. It is […]

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