Sacred Steve

Sacred Steve

King Oompa Loompa

Steve Adler, M.S., D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), AKA "Sacred Steve", is an ordained minister and chaplain in Spiritis Church. Steve also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University. Steve's first career was as a thermosciences engineer working on the design of the propulsion modules on Space Station Freedom. Later, Steve, along with a childhood friend, started NowComp, a computer brokerage company. Initially inspired by Anthony Robbins, Steve’s interest in raw foods grew in the 1990’s culminating in the creation of NatuRAW, an online store focused on the Raw Food lifestyle. Inspired by the works of Glenda Green (, Steve’s mission is to teach humanity about the power of the Sacred Heart and the true relationship between the mind and the Sacred Heart. He believes that one powerful stepping stone to empowering the Sacred Heart is through the raw food diet. Steve loves to speak on the subect of his personal spiritual path. Today, Steve is the creator of the highest quality RAW chocolate in the world - Sacred Chocolate®, an exceptionally flavorful superfood, and sacrament. Founded in 2006 by Steve, & Steve’s longtime friend, David Wolfe, Sacred Chocolate, LLC, produces the most incredible tasting RAW, Vegan, Organic chocolate bars on the planet, Sacred Chocolate. Sacred Chocolate® is certified organic, certified vegan and sold above fair trade standards; but, according to Steve, the most important aspect of Sacred Chocolate® is that it is made with Love & Gratitude. Sacred Steve prays over each and every batch of Sacred Chocolate with the goal that Sacred Chocolate becomes a sacrament to assist in humanity’s ascension on all levels. He gives thanks to all who have made the amazing superfood known as chocolate available to humanity. Being an alchemist by nature, Sacred Steve is passionate about his creations—his most alchemical includes the mystical substance known as ORMUS GOLD. When he’s not experimenting with new recipes, Sacred Steve loves to spend his free time with his family, lecturing and meditating on the miraculous power of the Sacred Heart, and communing with Nature. Sacred Steve has always held a vision of Mother Earth covered in luscious fruit trees. As a result Sacred Chocolate® supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. (

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