Vinegar is a wonderful liquid that is commonly used for pickling and canning food. Some people even like to cook with it. My husband loves beets sprinkled with a bit of white vinegar.

However, what most people don’t know is that vinegar is perfect for more than just preserving food and adding taste. It is also excellent for cleaning and dealing with messy or smelly situations.

Vinegar  ( click here for International products ) is a weak form of acetic acid which is naturally formed through the fermentation of starches or sugars. This acid makes it perfect for killing bacteria without harming surfaces or anyone in the home. Most commercial home cleaning products are incredibly toxic and harmful. Vinegar could be just what your home needs!

Check out the awesome vinegar hacks below!

I can’t wait to try that bread trick the next time my trash is smelling up a storm.

Which hack do you want to try?

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