Everyday we are bombarded with waves of one sort or another. Electricity, radio waves, and WiFi are so common in today’s world that the impact they have on our health is almost never considered.

However, our brainwaves work at a certain rate, and all these other wavelengths could disrupt our body’s natural systems.

I’ll let David Wolfe explain everything.

So, we need to get grounded. It is the best way to improve our overall health.

There are some steps one can take to help them become grounded and feel connected to the Earth’s Frequencies. This is important because, as David Wolfe said, our brains naturally work on the same wavelength as the Earth.

7 Steps for Grounding and Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies

1. Nature Time

Spending time in and with nature will most definitely help with the grounding and connecting process. Go outside and spend some time barefoot in nature. Lie down and look at the clouds floating overhead. This will help the body ground and bring peace to mind.

2. Tree Hugging


Trees are not inanimate objects. They are living and have an energy that’s all their own. Go outside and hug a tree. Take some deep breaths off the tree and relax the mind. This will help one to slow down and really feel the Earth.

3. Sun Gazing, Standing On Rock Barefoot

Many of us like to Sun Gaze, and David Wolfe explains it beautifully here.

4. Visualization

While spending some much needed time outside, take a moment to visualize one’s self-become one with the world and with nature. Try to picture the Earth’s energy field and accept it as your own. This will greatly help one connect with the Earth’s frequency.

5. Tree Meditation

A tree meditation is exactly like it sounds. All one has to do is visualize themselves becoming a tree. Imagine one’s feet growing into the ground like roots. The legs become the trunk, and everything else becomes strong branches and beautiful leaves. Straighten the back and feel the Earth’s energy rising through you.

6. Mountain Meditation


Visualizing one’s self-becoming a mountain is another good way to become connected with the Earth. The legs shoot down, grounding one into the earth. The body slowly grows from a hill, into a butte, and finally a mountain. One can imagine trees growing at their feet and their head in the clouds. Relax and exude earthly vibes.

7. Earthing Technology

groundingbedpadking-2Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a real problem. There are solutions. Earthing technology is the best way to stay grounded in the home, in bed and even the car.

Here is a list of amazing Earthing products you can try at home:

All of these methods are great ways to ground one’s self and, as we previously established, grounding is necessary for overall health.


What are your methods of grounding and connecting with the Earth?