By Gillian B

We take the time each day to take care of our physical body by brushing our teeth and combing our hair, among other daily beauty rituals, but what about our minds?

It turns out that sitting quietly for a few minutes each day wipes the slate clean and revives you mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically.

Here is a great video by ASAP Science that explains the amazing powers of meditation:


BOOM! There you have it! So now you are probably wondering how to begin… Check out my article on Meditation for Beginners.

Depending on your learning style and personality, you may connect more with one way than another. Some people resonate with repeating mantras, counting down, following their breath and guided visualizations. I suggest test-driving as many different techniques as you can and seeing what’s the best fit for you.

The physical poses of yoga are meant to move the energy through the body so that we can sit still and meditate. So if you find you are restless, antsy or stiff, experiment with meditating after practicing yoga!

Meditation is a surefire way to help harness our energy and put it into things that matter. It will help you to find the clarity and focus you need in today’s busy and highly stimulating world.

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