Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children and Adults: Remove Heavy Metals and Other Toxins


Whether you believe vaccines to be harmful or not, one has to admit that all the ingredients added to vaccines cannot be good for anyone, especially children.

As David Wolfe has discussed, vaccines contain the following: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, potassium phosphate, aluminum potassium sulfate, peptone, bovine extract, formaldehyde, FD&C Yellow #6, aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, sodium bicarbonate, monosodium glutamate, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, lactose thimerosal, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, bovine extract), calf serum, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, and ethanol.

That is a long scary list and many of these things will not leave the body naturally. Thus, a gentle detox is necessary.

Try these detox methods to remove vaccine toxins and heavy metals from your system!

Detoxification Bath

warn-bath-with-epsom-salt Image Credit: Prime Physique Nutrition

Living Traditionally suggests a detoxification bath with both Zendocrine and epsom salt. Zendocrine is an essential oil mixture made up of tangerine, rosemary, geranium, juniper berry, and cilantro. Rosemary, juniper berry, and cilantro are good choices for detoxification and tangerine and geranium are purifiers.


garlic-can-lower-cancer-risk-1508x706_c Image Credit: Mr President

Garlic has been scientifically proven to treat heavy metal poisoning. Organic Lifestyle Magazine suggests consuming three cloves a day to help remove toxins.


Horsetail-Herb Image Credit: Ayurvedic

Silica is also good for a heavy metal detox. Natural News states, “Aluminum (Al) is passed out through the urine when one supplements silica. It seems there’s little danger of taking too much, as long as adequate water is consumed and vitamin B1 and potassium levels are maintained.”

One of the best ways to get silica in your system is with the horsetail herb, rye, barley, oats, wheat, and alfalfa sprouts nuts.


Chlorella (1) Image Credit: Superfood Network

Chlorella is one of the best detoxifying substances available. According to Dr. Mercola, “Chlorella is uniquely designed to not bind to the minerals your body naturally needs to function optimally. It does not bind to beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, or zinc. It’s almost as if chlorella knows which metals belong in your body and which chemicals need to be removed. Supplementing with chlorella is like unleashing a tiny army inside your body to fight the battle of removing toxins from your tissues and ushering them back outside your body where they belong.”
You can take it in supplement form or add a powdered version to your smoothie.


Probiotics-Can-Increase-The-Obesity-And-Affect-Your-Health Image Credit: Consumers Health Report

Probiotics are what is needed to put good bacteria system to rights when it has been thrown off by toxins. “They can provide assistance by decreasing the number of bad bacteria while helping to restore balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut and to keep your body functioning properly.” (LiveStrong)

Some probiotic foods include: organic yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, and fermented vegetables.

Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil

Cod-Liver-Oil1 Image Credit: Vaidya Mishra

Omega 3 oils are especially good for cell repair and keeping your brain healthy. This is because of their high fat content is similar to the fats that are naturally part of cell and brain systems. (Daily Mail)

A teaspoon daily should be enough or you could take a supplement.


Chopping-cilantro Image Credit: Shockingly Delicious

According to Natural Society, cilantro is a very gentle detoxification tool. It is also effective for removing heavy metals from the brain.
For 2-3 weeks, add a teaspoon of cilantro to your food, smoothie, or just eat it up. You can also substitute with 6-7 drops of cilantro essential oil by adding it to your bath.

What are your heavy metal detox methods?

Don’t forget your minerals and superfoods!

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Juliet Parfrey - October 11, 2015

Love you David! However, why do we still advocate the use of fish oils, when fish stocks are very depleted, and the practice of just extracting the oil from a fish is wastefull and not ethical. As well as, toxicity in our waters are concentrated in the fat of the fish, the very thing you are consuming to keep you healthy. Lastly, company’s that produce fish oil supplements must clean the fish oil of toxic residue with more chemical cleansing agents. Can we use chia seed oil or something else? Thanks!

    Gunjan Verma - October 12, 2015

    I’m very impressed by how aware you are of the practices of these types of industries. Fish oil is not healthy for you…it never was and never will be. Neither is it necessary to consume ever in your life. There are many things like that on the market that use the epic selling strategy of attaching healthy to one’s product and voilla you’ve got yourself a multi million dollar business! You keep using your own knowledge and think more than twice before buying into a suggestion even if it has the words scientifically proven attached to it as that is also an epic selling strategy. Kudos to you! The best way to health is simple, good diet and lifestyle, healthy mental and emotional states and passion for life.

    John Richter - October 12, 2015

    Flax seed oil, most supermarkets stock it. Our bodies need very little omega 3 so a splash on the salad a few times a week is plenty. Cilantro is called coriander in Australia and yes it has chelation ability to remove metals. It’s a good idea to screen all ocean products and processed foods now for contaminants, or at least ask the right people about food testing for your region. Grow your own everything, coming soon to a town near you.

Heather Mehudar - October 12, 2015

I had an allergic reaction to my second Hep-A shot in January of 2008. None of the M.D.’s in my area would acknowledge it was the vaccine (too much paperwork). Will this still work for me? I’m allergic or sensitive to SO many foods and natural environmental elements (my cats, olive trees, etc.). Thank you!
And yes! I know vaccines are bad, but at that time I was required by law to have this vaccine to maintain my license to practice as a healthcare worker. Now I am exempt because of my allergic reaction and food allergies cause from the vaccine (like eggs).

Daniel Pyron - October 13, 2015

The myth of the “detox”.

Freedom321 - October 19, 2015

But do you want to put this stuff in your baby??

    Adrian Herbez - October 19, 2015

    if it protects them from debilitating diseases (as vaccines absolutely have been shown to do), then yes, absolutely. If you’re really concerned about such things, please do yourself a favor and learn some actual chemistry and/or biology. the world is a lot less scary when you actually understand the science behind things like vaccines.

      Lindaxox - May 8, 2016

      The world is even more scary when you understand the science and no one on earth understands the immune system completely. What deadly diseases are you talking about?? Chickenpox, mumps, measles??

    Lance Shaver - March 14, 2016

    Yes, because, when the time comes, I want to protect my children. Do I want to have my child suffer the pains of measles? Whooping cough? Do I want him to not be able to have the use of his legs, confined to a wheelchair, because of Polio? All in the name of what continually fails to be scientifically proven, but instead instills the fear of God into our eyes because we may not fully understand it?

      Lindaxox - May 8, 2016

      Read VAERS and The Vaccine Injury Court reports that will scare you or should.

CafeNamaste - October 19, 2015

Thanks for these helpful tips David! It’s curious how some self-proclaimed experts come off as knowing everything there is to know on a subject without even looking deeper into the growing alternative views. Everyone’s opinion is just limited perspective in the end. At least I know that what you report is mostly based on over 20 years of independent studies and personal examination rather than parroting what the large drug companies and corporations who control and often staff the “regulatory commissions” like the FDA, CDC, AMA, and USDA promote their industry with. Perhaps these indignant people don’t actually have ALL the facts (no one does), their beliefs have become dogma, or perhaps they’re actually paid to post such dismissive or retaliatory personal opinions…?
In any case, thanks for the fearless work you are doing!

Julie Berry Clark - December 1, 2015

Injecting a substance is nothing like ingesting. It bypasses all natural defenses.

    בת שבע סיידר - December 4, 2015

    Quick question. Not here to bash anyone.

    I have done some reading up on aluminum used in vaccines on PubMed where all medical research are posted.

    They indicate it has the potential, just like mercury, to mess with a person’s glutathione, which keeps your immune system in balance and keep good GABA levels. I believe they added it to vaccines to get the immune system to react so it would produce antibodies?

    Anyway, from reading further, I understood that when it depletes glutathione, TH2 becomes dominant and autoimmune diseases can occur depending on the antibodies being produced.

    I also learned that glutathione keeps GABA levels, when depleted, GABA drops, and GABA is very important to keep glutamate in check, if not, the immune system would react in the brain. I believe it could result in brain inflammation as a result of an autoimmune response, as inflammation is linked to autoimmune response.

    The lack of glutathione can also create permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing things to enter that should not.

    It is also shown that brain inflammation are responsible for mood disorders (anxiety, depression and aggression).

    I don’t remember the smaller details of everything I have read, but was able to take what I have learned and piece it together.

    It was valuable research for me in understanding my kids problems and how to deal with them. i.e. find a way to balance their immune system so sanity would return. I am just sorry I did not do it sooner :(

    I was successful.

    My daugher no longer suffer multiple allergies, TSH levels are normal. Speech etc improved at the age of 7.

    My son suffered anxiety, depression and aggression. He also improved while still on Risperdal (which functions to reduce brain inflammation, which give me indication that I am on the right track with him). His artist came though and he is so sweet. Something I do not believe I can contribute to Risperdal alone as reducing brain inflammation can be achieved in another way if given enough time.

    I also believe the immune system can be the causation of the body being out of balance, and restoring the immune system to balance, restores the body’s balance in most cases where autoimmune diseases are concerned, and even those that does not seem to be connected (like her TSH levels, which she had a problem with for years).

    I hope they would recognise that there are children that are vulnerable to certain substances, and that a test will be devised to prevent medically induced medical problems.


      disqus_k3oycamN0W - April 10, 2016

      Who told you Risperdal reduces brain inflammation? Psychiatrist, who gets paid for prescribing it? Go on wikipedia and look for Risperidone (Risperdal) chemical formula. You will see fluorine atom. You are giving your son organofluorine – very toxic compound. Organofluorines are used as anesthesia drugs (put patient’s brain in coma) , antidepressants (Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro – in doses lower than anesthesia, make person docile, groggy, suicidal, etc), pesticides (similar to organochlorines, kill unwanted organisms), toxic antibiotics ( Cipro)- (organofluorins have very high ability to penetrate cell membranes, both in humans and bacteria. statin Lipitor (destroys liver cells which stops producing cholesterol, many side effects follow) Since organofluorines easily enter cells, even crossing blood- brain barrier, psycho pharmacology uses them extensively to manipulate. the brain You keep your son in permanent state of fluoride poisoning, mistaking his zombie- like anesthetized state for improvement. Never trust doctors, research side effects of each medication. In case of antipsychotic Risperdal, side effects are horrible, including tardive dyskinesia, as well as neuroleptic malignant syndrome,

Ashleigh Zhao - April 10, 2016

Hi, I live in CA and I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant. Since I am unable to go to a birth center instead of a hospital, I can’t stop them from giving my daughter the hepatitis B vaccine. I know there are ways to detox it out of her system but I’m not sure how much is too much. I am taking 1 omega 3, vitamin c, garlic and prenatal everyday. I take 1 D-3, b-complex 3-4 times a week and I’m starting to drink a synergy kombucha once every 2-3 weeks for the probiotics. I’ve read that 1 teaspoon of elderberry syrup everyday 2 weeks before and after the vaccine can help and also silica works too. Since I’m still pregnant and the vaccine is given when she is 1 day old, I am not sure how I should alter these directions. I do plan on breastfeeding so I am assuming that by directly detoxing myself with elderberry and silica I will be detoxing her? I do plan on getting Natren Life Start Infantis also. David what do you recommend? I am mostly confused about when and how often I should take the silica and elderberry syrup.

For anyone stupid enough to think that high dosage of aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde is safe for any baby or adult, please don’t even waste your time replying. You can’t seriously believe everything the government tells you… Plus comparing food to vaccines is a waste of time because you fail consider the fact that the chemicals go through the digestive system first where as the vaccines take them directly into the blood stream. I was a very sickly child due to all the vaccines and I have neurological disorder that could be linked to them as well. By refusing to get any vaccine since I was 16 my immune system became much stronger. The threat is very real and thousands of nurses are risking their jobs by refusing mandatory vaccines. I am only here to get some answers so I can protect my daughter. I don’t care what anyone says, giving an STD vaccine to a 1 day old newborn is completely ridiculous!

    taree - October 15, 2016

    Of course you can stop them from vaccinating her. Just refuse it. Write your refusal of it and all other vaccines and biologics into your admission papers and then don’t let your baby out of your sight. Assign someone just after birth when the baby is being cleaned and weighed to stand guard. Tell your doctor up front you refuse. You don’t have to give a reason. It’s none of their business.

I Can See You - June 17, 2016

I’m interested in seeing the “absolute”proof that vaccines “…protects them from debilitating diseases (as vaccines absolutely have been shown to do)…”, the public health records I’ve seen show those diseases already on the way out by the time they started sticking everyone.

taree - October 15, 2016

Not injected they aren’t harmless. Whole different scenario so stop clouding the issue with misinformation.

    Longevity Warehouse - October 15, 2016


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    Adrian Herbez - October 15, 2016

    I already responded to that idea above, in response to Julie’s comment. The body has a robust immune system that protects against many things, and may of the “scary” substances are naturally occurring.

    The only people clouding the issue are people that want to vilify one of the biggest successes of modern medicine (vaccines) because they don’t understand the science, and would rather trust charlatans like David Wolfe than learn the actual scientific and medical truth.

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