Tourist Gets Dose Of Instant Karma After Picking Up Baby Shark For Selfie

A tourist in Brazil got a dose of instant karma after she picked up a baby shark for a photo op.   The animal latched onto her fingers just moments after the woman had the baby lemon shark in her hands.

The traveler she was with had to pry the shark’s teeth off of the woman’s fingers.

After the incident, which took place at the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, the woman threw the animal back into the water and rinsed off her injured hand in the ocean water.  She had to have four stitches as a result.

You would think you wouldn’t have to explain to most people to not pick up a shark.  There is the possibility, of course, that woman thought the animal, being a baby, wouldn’t be likely to hurt her.   She was wrong, of course, if that was the case, and the baby animal certainly wasn’t shy about letting her know it, either.

Furthermore, because the animal in question is the endangered species list, the woman, as well as the man that was with her, were each fined for animal cruelty.

Aside from the stupidity of her actions alone, the woman had plenty of warnings to not do what she did. Signs in the 69 square mile park clearly warn visitors not to kill, catch, disturb or feed the animals.  Perhaps they should have been more specific by adding “do not pick up animals for selfies”.

Watch as the lemon shark attacks his captor’s fingers in the video below:

Relay Hero
Shark Sider


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