In The Power of Synchronicity Series- Part 2A Bridge between the Seen and Unseen Worlds, we dove into Carl Jung’s theory of Synchronicity as a connection of psychic and physical events that are “meaningfully related”. Jung believed these awe-inspiring events bridge the unseen, spirit world and it’s supportive messages and symbols, to the seen, material world. But it doesn’t stop there…Jung goes further to suggest we are all connected through a “shared field of psychic energy”  called the “collective unconscious”- from which both ego-consciousness (your persona) and personal unconscious (your shadow) are born. And this is where synchronistic events have their roots!

If you’re thinking huhhh? No worries, let me take a step back here…

Collective unconscious
We are all energetic beings walking around this earth emitting a certain vibration and our electromagnetic field connects and communicates with our environment and all beings as a whole! Now, this notion of a “collective unconscious” comes from the idea that we are all ONE. Perhaps we cannot sense this interconnection through the material world, but psychically, through the “shared field of energy,” that I mentioned above. This psychic energy is the light within, our soul, our Higher Self. Each one of us energy beings is tapped into it at all times without consciously being aware of it- hence the collective

Your personal unconscious contains your memories, thoughts and past history- what you’ve experienced in this lifetime. Whereas the collective unconscious contains the imprint of events and emotions that aren’t yours per se. It is feelings and experiencing feelings and being connected to something greater than yourself that you don’t necessarily own. The collective belongs to all of us!

A good example of this was one morning in September, I woke up and felt such a strong, deep sadness and empathy, but it didn’t feel like my own. Later seeing the date, 9/11, I realized I was experiencing the collective feelings of the nation- the mass result of those reflecting on the painful memories of that day, paying their respects and mourning the lives of lost ones. Have you ever felt this way?

So, what are archetypes?
“An archetype is a universal symbol that appears across all cultures that represents a theme, characteristic or moral etc. that we all have an innate understanding of (our innate understanding is the collective consciousness).” Archetypes are inherited, universal patterns of human behaviour such as ‘mother’, ‘wounded child’, ‘hero’- behavioural patterns that come very naturally to us.

Generally speaking, information from the collective unconscious arrives without a person actively searching for it. For example, a mother will get a feeling that her child, who is nowhere near her current location, needs her attention though there are no measurable, physical signals.

Now, synchronicity is one way that these archetypal forces of the collective manifest in the physical world. Hence, the bridge between the two visible and invisible worlds.

Dreams are another way that archetypes can show up and therefore offer symbols of meaning to the dreamer. Like synchronicity in the waking state, dreams are often a rich source of personalized messages for the individual, guiding them along their path. Some people even have dreams of events that end up happening later in the physical world- a prophetic synchronicity!

These archetypal patterns run so deep in the collective that this is how societal norms are formed and why they are so widely accepted. Think societal stereotypes and/or labels such as the student, the teacher, the healer, the victim, the abuser, the prostitute, etc. It’s like we are given a hand of character cards at birth and at different points in our lives, we are cast to play certain cards.

Guidance on your personal path
So according to Jung, archetypal guidance leads one to individuation (ie: enlightenment), the process of breaking away from the family/tribal programming that’s been ingrained in us. Think of it like a personal development process that is driven by your personal hand of cards and the synchronistic events that show up in your life are the signposts guiding your journey.

So, by being aware of, tapped in, turned on, you can see things differently, observing synchronicities gives everyday events, and life in general, more meaning. This meaning strikes deeper awareness and reflection which in turn increases the frequency of these synchronistic events. Do you see where I am going with this?

More meaning means more fulfilment, more flow, more awe, more bliss. It means more connection to yourself and something bigger than yourself. A connection to something beyond, allowing you to realize you’re always being guided, you just need to tune in to the messages. These synchronistic events are your guides to a life of peace, harmony and MAGIC.. and don’t we all want that? Yes, please!

Next, we’ll talk about why synchronicity can be challenging for many to adopt and really step into, as well as how embracing uncertainty and “doing the random” can help! Hint: because it bucks the scientific system that we’ve been taught. Stay tuned for part 4… where it really starts to come full circle!

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