Author’s Note: This is part 1 of a 5 part series on the Power of Synchronicity adapted from my recent essay, “The Transformative Nature of Synchronicity.” I am currently pursuing my Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology with Alef Trust at Middlesex University in the UK. This topic is near and dear to my heart and can be truly transformational if you know how to work with it. I wanted to break it down, piece by piece, and share it with you because of the personalized guidance, reassurance and fulfillment that can come through these mysterious and miraculous events!

Have you ever had something like this happen to you: you think of someone, grab your phone to reach out to them, and they’re calling you? Or, you’re walking along with your friends in the middle of nowhere thinking, oh my gosh, it’s so hot today; I would die for some cold lemonade. You turn the next corner and there’s this random guy selling freshly-squeezed lemonade?

Although these may be minor, and perhaps insignificant in the grand scheme of your life, this is what is called synchronicity. In simple terms, it’s an unexpected but “meaningful co (together, mutually, in common) incidence”, where your inner and outer worlds come together, but it’s so much more than that!

For some this may happen once in a blue moon and for them, it is easily explained away, but for others, this is an occurrence that happens daily, if not multiple times a day and gradually leads to a shift in perception of the world and how it works.

What exactly is synchronicity?
Synchronicity comes from the words
synchronous” (synchronized) + “chrono” (time), and therefore it’s synchronized in time. The real interesting part though is that most often times it’s unexplainable and somewhat unbelievable because it breaks statistical probability. These events appear significantly connected but have no cause that can be proven. They just don’t make sense logically. But, let’s take a deeper look…

What separates them from being pure chance or coincidence is that synchronistic events are meaningful- they resonate with something deeper within you.  Where your outer experience matches something from your inner experience. And because of this matching to your inner experience, synchronicity can leave you awestruck as the odds of it being pure chance are so unlikely. They can be in response to something that you dreamt about, a thought, a vision or a sense. Or even a question that has been on your mind that is answered perfectly in a conversation you overheard in the line at the grocery store. Seems like magic doesn’t it?

Let me give another example, but on a larger scale….

A friend of mine had returned back from Nicaragua and was looking for a place to live back in her hometown, hoping for no lease so she could take off and travel again. She hoped to find a place in walking distance to coffee shops, a yoga studio and a health food store, perhaps even a park, water and to be surrounded by trees but knew that may be asking a lot. She also always said the next place she lives she wanted a living room full of greenery, a cozy little creative space that would inspire her.

The second place she looked at ended up being in her top choice neighbourhood, in a building she said she always wanted to live in. It had a beautiful courtyard outside filled with flowers and plants. It was exactly in her price range and the roommate had just got back from 10 days backpacking in Nicaragua.

Not to mention, the girl had this beautiful sun room filled with all sorts of different kinds of hanging plants, succulents and orchids. The canal, with a long trail, was 5 minutes away and the yoga studio was across the street. All the other amenities she wanted were within a 10 min walk – and, no lease (bonus)!

She was shocked, beaming, but in disbelief. How was this happening? What were the odds?

Connection and Meaning
Larger, significant synchronistic events can be life-changing and move you into an expanded state of being. And frequently, because of their surprising nature, they are very joyful and can add a certain richness and sparkle to daily life. As well, if you choose to step into them and see them as far more than just a coincidence, these events can affirm your intuitive abilities.

They are said to happen when you are connected to your core consciousness, your heart, your soul. In this place, you are listening and acknowledging what your Higher Self needs and desires while taking action (perhaps just setting an intention), and therefore the Universe responds with these powerful messages affirming your path. Synchronicity, then, is a manifestation of your soul.

When you begin to live life from a heart-centred place, the frequency of synchronistic events can increase. And of course, the more you not only notice them but follow them, the more they occur. Some people say it’s just “good luck” but really what that is, is opportunity meeting preparedness. You and the Universe are communicating, are in sync and both participating in a co-creative process. How cool is that? You will have continuously more synchronistic events in your life if you go beyond your ego and get in touch with your soul. Trust and follow the signs.

And let me tell you, this is just the beginning! Synchronistic events are not only fun and exciting but can also be a pathway to personal transformation. Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, was the first to publically explore and name this meeting of psychic and physical worlds. It’s a sign, a message that has significance and symbolic meaning that you should pay attention to… intrigued? We’ll discuss this more in part 2-  so stay tuned!

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