While stress can be a good thing, too much of it can interfere with everyday activities. Furthermore, left unchecked, stress can start to manifest itself though sometimes dangerous physical symptoms. And you may be exhibiting more signs of stress than you realize.  The following stress risk test can help you better understand how you deal with the tension and pressures of every day life.

60-Second Stress Test:


As stated above, stress can be a good thing. It pushes you to make positive changes in your life. It helps you complete a task or make an important decision.  Additionally, stress tells you when you should run or when you should stay and fight (flight or fight response). If you scored low on this quiz, you likely have found healthy mechanisms to help you deal with the tension and pressures of everyday life.

You may have scored a bit higher, or extremely high on this quiz. Perhaps you were surprised by your results. There are numerous ways in which life’s pressures affect our behavior and emotions. And sometimes these behaviors and emotions are subtle. We might be taught to ignore them or “deal with them later”, but before too long, it all becomes part of a normal routine, and the problem is never addressed. As such, stress can easily wreak havoc in our lives.

If you let it, stress can damage your health, relationships and quality of life. (1) But there are several healthy ways to help combat the negative effects of stress. Meditation, physical activity and deep-breathing exercises, for example, may all be beneficial in helping you to better handle stress in your life.