Ex-Secret Service Agent Receives 20-Year Sentence For Abusing Children On The Job

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A 38-year-old former Secret Service agent will reportedly serve 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to seduce a minor and sending sexually explicit materials to underage teens.

Breaking911 reports that the prison sentence will be followed by “a lifetime term of supervised release.”

According to NBC News, Lee Robert Moore committed his crimes while he was assigned to the White House. Some of the sexting incidents reportedly took place while Moore was on duty at the executive residence.

Moore seen in a selfie taken at work. (Image via The Sun-Sentinel, U.S. District Court Records)

NBC News goes on to state that Moore fell prey to an undercover sting during which he sent an undercover operative posing as a 14-year-old girl an inappropriate photo.

After arresting him in 2015, police reportedly discovered that Moore had been sending illicit messages and images to underage girls in Florida, Texas, and Missouri.

The White House described Moore’s crimes as disgusting.

“[Moore] was an armed guard at the single most important residence in our constitutional republic, yet he repeatedly used that guard booth to take photos of his penis and send them to underage girls,” wrote prosecutor Corey Steinberg in court documents according to The Sun-Sentinel.

In court Moore insisted he had merely “clicked on a corner of the internet and became a pervert.”

Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley disagreed.

While NBC News states prosecutors sought to have Moore jailed for live, Hurley reportedly sentenced him to 20 years behind bars. The outlet reports that he must also register as a sex offender and undergo treatment.

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NBC News


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