Over the years, sea salt has become an increasingly popular food item. But how much do you know about sea salt? Is it healthy? What makes it worth using? Test your sea salt IQ by taking this test now!

Test Your Sea Salt IQ:


Are you surprised by your sea salt IQ? As you can see, sea salt, used in moderation, has its definite health benefits. Believe it or not, this quiz is only a glimpse into all of the benefits sea salt can offer. For example, other than the benefits listed in this quiz, sea salt can also promote restful sleep, normalize your heartbeat, and improve oral health, to name a few. If you use regular table salt, you may want to switch to using sea salt, instead. Just be sure that the sea salt you buy is unrefined.

Furthermore, unlike sea salt, regular table salt is usually highly processed. Table salt also typically has some sort of additive in it to prevent clumping. Steer clear of sea salt that lists sodium chloride as an ingredient, as this means it is just as refined as table salt. You’ll also want to be wary of certain additives in some sea salt brands that can contribute to a leaky gut.

There are plenty of sea salt varieties available. These include, for example, Himalayan, Celtic, Fleur de Sel, and Hawaiian. Some are more difficult to find than others. However, no matter what type of sea salt you intake, keep it at a moderate level. Sea salt can be helpful in treating a variety of health-related issues, but too much of it can have adverse effects.