Russia Could Become The Most Anti-Tobacco Country With THIS New Law

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Russian health officials are reportedly considering a new policy that would make the nation one of the most stringent anti-tobacco regions in the world.

According to The Independent, the officials are considering banning cigarette sales to anyone born after the year 2015 – a first globally.

The outlet also reports that Russia has been traditionally accepting of cigarette use, only introducing public regulations against it roughly four years ago.

Tass further reports that the number of smokers dropped by 10% in 2016 – bringing the rate of smokers in Russia to the lowest level it’s been in years.

That, of course, could ramp up with the new proposed regulation, which Russian health parliament member described as “absolutely ideologically correct.”

Some commenters on The Independent’s article also praised the move.

“Growing up knowing that smoking is banned for you won’t make the young people envy the old,” wrote user ‘Celsus.’

“It will get get easier as time goes by.”

On, user ‘Ralph Naderbolsinmattu’ wrote, “We should feel ashamed that we lack the spine to do this in the West, but for once emulating Putin is worthy.”

Kremlin officials, meanwhile, say such a ban will require serious consultation with other government agencies.

One official, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova expressed concern over banned cigarettes leading to

“Counterfeit tobacco could lead to even more harm to people’s health,” she said.

The Independent

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