Rescue Chipmunk Is Introduced To Clean Sheets & Goes Crazy!

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Get ready to watch the cutest animal video that’s ever existed! While that may seem like an outrageous claim, it’s not far from the truth. And for some, it is the objective truth, hands down! This chipmunk video certainly makes the top ten, and should make most people’s top 50. And yes, there are tons of cute animal videos floating around on the internet.   But this chipmunk video…? It’s that good.

The video features a rescue chipmunk, darting around with joy, as he explores freshly cleaned sheets.

While it might not sound that impressive,  trust us, watch the video…you’ll see what we mean! You won’t be able to contain himself when you get a load of his puffy cheeks! He wiggles around his little body on the sheets like a furry snake, and it’s enough to push you over the cuteness ledge. You owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing and allow this adorable interjection in your day!

However, the cuteness magnifies when the little sleepy guy starts to yawn! His tiny mouth expands to several times its resting size. But despite the yawning, you can tell the clean sheets have this sweet little dude far too excited to sleep! …Just like a kid on Christmas Eve!

And although the person who posted the video labels the creature as a squirrel, its features more resemble that of a chipmunk. Chipmunks are striped, although there are some squirrels who also have stripes. Ground squirrels have striped bodies, but unlike chipmunks, they do not have striped heads.

But either way, this darling guy seems to be doing well.  He is alert and active, and oh-so adorable! His rescuers clearly have done a good job with him!

Watch as the adorable little chipmunk darts around with exuberance on these clean sheets!

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