Do you cringe when a hanging picture is slightly askew? Do you have to bite your tongue to keep yourself from correcting others’ grammar? Maybe you know how to give just the right touch to the bulletin board at work. If these qualities sound like you, and if you feel the constant need to strive for the best, you just may be a perfectionist.

Of course, being a perfectionist can be both positive and negative.

There is the classic nit-picker—someone who “looks for the hole in a transparent window”. This person often drives everyone else bonkers. But, then, we also talk about perfect with a much more positive connotation. There is, for example, the perfect vacation, the perfect meal and a performance that, if pleasing, might be described as sheer perfection.

So, yes, perfectionists, perfect can be a good thing. To put a finer point on it, if you look are a perfectionist you might be more likely to notice errors, saving you and others money, time, or even yours or their lives. Maybe it’s time to stop referring to perfectionists as such with a scathing tone? After all, it takes all kinds.

So, perfectionists everywhere, put your eagle-eye to the test by taking the quiz below. Just how much of a perfectionist are you?


Psychology Today