“The Most Pointless Zebra Crossing In The World” Goes Viral

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A picture of a rather oddly-placed zebra crossing has taken the internet by storm.

The image, shared earlier today, has already made its way to the front page of Reddit – an influential social media site that prioritizes content based on its popularity.

Image: Reddit User FrenzaStark

Image: Reddit User FrenzaStark

FrenzaStark, the Reddit user who uploaded the image, did not mention where exactly it was taken. Luckily, user ‘Synforge’ did some sleuthing and found it in England.

But it wasn’t the ‘where’ most people were concerned about but, rather, the ‘why.’

“Why don’t they just make it a sidewalk?” speculated user ‘rpikulik.’

“Look both ways before crossing,” joked ‘mabamababoo,’ while ‘Flobarooner’ chimed, “just in case someone might get lost.”

Several other users appeared to be confused by the term ‘zebra crossing’ and expected to see actual zebras crossing the road instead of a striped crosswalk.

“Am I the only one who watched the picture for about 10 seconds waiting for a zebra to cross only to realize it’s a jpg not a gif?” wrote ‘McMasty.’

“I’ve literally never heard it called a zebra crossing before,” mused ‘oystahman.’ “I was looking at the background to see if it was a zoo joke or not.”

Some users offered their own explanations as to why the crosswalk was placed in such an odd location.

“I guess it’s so people don’t park there,” speculated ‘GuyYouKowFrmNowhere,’ to which ‘zXjimmiXz’ replied, “that’s what double-yellow lines are for.”

‘StevenArviv’ proposed that it might be “some stupid insurance requirement.”

This isn’t the first time a zebra crossing has garnered so much attention for its seemingly useless nature.

Back in 2012, this crosswalk in Bristol earned the title of “Britain’s safest zebra crossing.”

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