Heartbreaking Pictures Reveal The Complete Devastation Of The California Wildfires

Heartbreaking images from the wildfires in California show just how destructive they are…

The damage, destruction, and loss of life due to the horrible wildfires in California has been catastrophic. Many people have even been comparing the blaze in California to Armageddon. With hundreds of thousands of acres burnt to a crisp, over 23 people dead, and hundreds more missing these wildfires have been a national tragedy.

According to CNN Money, the property damage from these wildfires will cost $65 Billion in Northern California. The report claims that there are “172,117 homes in the Napa and Santa Rosa regions” that are at risk of wildfire damage.

Daily Mail is reporting that 20,000 people were forced to leave their homes and that there are almost 300 people still missing.

The fires have taken the lives of at least 23 people.

Footage of the aftermath is all over social media:

These fires have devastated many families and communities…

'We're seeing the worst air quality ever recorded in many parts of the Bay Area,' Tom Flannigan, PIO for the Bay Area Quality Management District told SFGate . 'The entire Bay Area population is likely being affected by the smoke.' Pictured residents wear face masks and wait for police to escort them in and out of their homes so they can attempt to salvage ruined belongings

The fires in California are so out of control that you can see the blaze by satellite:

Thousands of acres of burnt land can be seen by satellite photos:

Pictured is one of the communities that was destroyed in the fires, which started on Sunday and have yet to be fully contained

Satellite images using a Very Near Infrared show the damage form the wildfire - with healthy vegetation appearing red and the burn scar dark brown 

Many of the houses were burnt so badly that the only thing left standing was their chimney:

Homes have been completely destroyed in the flames engulfing Northern California this week. Governor Jerry Brown asked for a presidential major disaster declaration to help battle at least 18 blazes burning throughout the state. President Trump has yet to say anything about the matter

A row of chimneys stand in a wildfire-damaged neighborhood. Governor Jerry Brown said at a news conference on Wednesday that the entire state is in for a long recovery period

There isn’t just one wildfire either, this fire consists of 22 different fires and is taking over 8,000 firefighters to respond to it:

What was once a Vineyard in Napa is now engulfed in flames:

The main building at Paras Vinyards burns in the Mount Veeder area of Napa in California on Tuesday as firefighters fight blazes across the country

Some of the largest of more than a dozen blazes burning over a 200-mile region were in Napa and Sonoma counties, home to dozens of wineries that attract tourists from around the world. Pictured above, wine making vats at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa

Damaged wine making vats and tanks due to a wildfire stand in ashes and debris at the production house of Paradise Ridge Winery on Tuesday in Santa Rosa, California

The death toll from the blaze is over 23 with hundreds more missing…

The aftermath of the blaze is absolutely horrifying:



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