‘NoniLand’ – CACAO Connoisseur’s Chocolate Bar!

The ‘NoniLand Chocolate Farm’ story:

I was in Amsterdam in 2003 talking to an owner of a cafe one morning. Offhandedly, the owner said to me, “One day I’m going to buy a cacao farm and retire.” Until that very moment, I had never even considered starting a cacao farm. The idea of growing cacao trees had never crossed my mind. All of a sudden it all made sense. From that day forward I started thinking about growing the best cacao ever. In 2006, this led to the founding of “NoniLand: Organic Cacao Farm & Bee Sanctuary.” Most of the cacao trees at NoniLand were grown from fresh cacao beans to fruiting trees. Many have vanilla or other types of orchids growing in them. From permaculture to biodynamic to compost teas, we’ve tried every alternative farming strategy. They have all been wonderfully enjoyable.

Now NoniLand organic cacao beans are being stone-ground into Sacred Chocolate bars! You will taste floral notes, unique finishes, new vistas of sensation, and rich vanilla tones in each bar. We believe we have achieved something very special. Enjoy NoniLand Sacred Chocolate!



Would you like to see NoniLand – David’s Organic Chocolate Farm?

In Sacred Chocolate video blog series, I showcase NoniLand’s cacao trees in my favorite Garden and I talk about the magic of cacao, which is also the blueprint of the ‘Anandamide Experience.’

This is a GREAT video for all chocolate lovers, superfood connoisseurs, and especially those who are professional writers, artists and intellectuals dedicated to actualizing their greatest potential. Find out why raw, organic chocolate is the ultimate brain-food that feeds your creativity, self-confidence, and enthusiasm for life!

Watch ‘Chocolate as the Blueprint of Genius’ Here


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