My “Secret” Smoothie Technology Revealed…

People ask me all the time what I do to make my smoothies so delicious and nutritious… In this powerful 3-part video series (taken from my best-selling DVD Recipe program), you will discover:

  • The powerful emulsifier (that also acts as a creamer) that rounds out the flavor of almost any power-packed smoothie!
  • My secret blood-sugar stabilizer that adds flavor and nutrition to all your drinks.
  • The highest, cleanest, and purest saturated fat sources that add nutrition-packed calories and vitality to your drink.
  • Russia’s #1 Longevity Food that is a “must-have” ingredient for every smoothie I make.

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  • Um….Cocoa powder, Maca, aloe, honey, Cocoa nibs, Cinnamon, cayenne, Coconut oil, Cashews, Black gold honey, crystal energy, hemp seeds, CHAGA and for me a little Pau de arco………….. Sounds Perfectly ROMANTIC!

    Great video! ~ Brooke

  • My brain and body are soaking this all up!! So happy since I’ve upgraded my juicing routine with superfoods and all of your tips. Loving the videos and all the info in the Raw Nutrition Certification program through the BodyMind Institute! Thanks Avocado!!