Mother Begs Teens To Stay Away From THIS Popular Drug After It Left Her Daughter In A Coma

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Mother Kerry Robinson has issued a stern warning to teens and young adults after a popular party drug left her 16-year-old daughter in a coma on Boxing Day.

The Daily Mail reports Kerry’s daughter Leah took an ecstasy pill at a party over the Christmas break. She ultimately landed in the hospital under a medically induced coma.

On Boxing Day, a very heartbroken Kerry posted the following photograph in an effort to deter others from taking ecstasy.

Image via North West News Service

Image via North West News Service

“This is what ecstasy does,” wrote Kerry. “Please don’t take them.”

Later that evening, Kerry reportedly posted another status saying she hoped “no other kids have any more of the tablets going around.”

Kerry’s post quickly went viral and spurned several supportive comments.

“I know how you must be feeling,” wrote Jayne Gregory. “My daughter was put in a coma a few months ago. Sorry to hear about your Leah.”

Louise Caddick wrote, “Let this hopefully be a lesson to all those teenage kids out there even thinking about taking ecstasy pills.”

Beth Casilli said, “Hope she’s okay, so good that you are raising awareness.”

It’s not just Kerry and other average folk proclaiming the dangers of ecstasy – doctors warn to stay far away from the drug as well.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Professor Kate Ardern – director of public health in Kerry’s area – said, “The exact contents of any ecstasy tablet are unknown.”

Leah shortly after waking from her coma. (Image via North West News Service)

Leah shortly after waking from her coma. (Image via North West News Service)

“They can cause dangerous side-effects such as severe illness admission to hospital and in some cases even death. I would advise all young people to stay safe and keep away from taking such drugs.”

The Mirror has since reported that Leah is home and recovering.

Kerry said two other kids in the area had also landed in the hospital after they ingested ecstasy from the same batch as Leah. Police are reportedly investigating.

The Daily Mail

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